Marine Shocker Removes Bad Boat Smell

There’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a long boat ride on a sunny Sunday morning. Riding the waves, feeling a gust of strong wind and getting the perfect catch - nothing beats that. There is one thing; however, this is likely to ruin your perfect mid-sea getaway - persistent bad fish odors and smells in your boat.

Whether you’ve had a party on your boat previously or simply cooked up a fish, the smell and odors tend to linger on out in the water. Combine that with the smell of toxic fumes originating from your engine, and you’re dealing with a potentially hazardous situation in the middle of the sea - with the nearest rescue some 20 miles away.

With Biocide Systems Marine Shocker, now you can say bye-bye to all sorts of odors and avoid mid-sea crisis and emergencies. Effective, long-lasting and eco-friendly, the solution traces and eliminates all odor-causing molecules from your boat and provides a breath of fresh air for you and your guests.

Our boat odor removing solution is designed to deal with any and all types of odors, originating anywhere within your boat. The solution easily penetrates through porous surfaces, attacks odor molecules and disintegrates into a saline solution which is reabsorbed by the surface.

Being abrasive-free, the solution does not damage your boats interiors in any way. If you have put up a high-quality rug, silk curtains or any other luxury add-ons to your boat, the application of Marine Shocker will (in no way) compromise the quality of your interiors.

The Marine Shocker provides a mild fragrance and contains a blend of natural ingredients and synthetic chloride dioxide. The latter is one of the most powerful odor eliminators and has a widespread industrial application. The natural content reduces the potency of this compound and makes the fragrance refreshingly light and free from irritants and allergens.

For most boat owners, removing the smell of fish poses a major challenge. The stink is unbearable and can easily make its way into your boat interiors, fabrics, walls and floor and into your clothes. Marine Shocker is specifically designed to remove such smells.

The solution is easy to use. Whether you are making sure your boat is ready for a BoatSetter trip or you are simply tucking away your boat for the winters, don’t forget to apply the Marine Shocker before you keep it away. It keeps your boat fresh and fragranced and prevents any fishy smells from arising and accumulating into your garage (and eventually making their way into your home). 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our products, including the Marine Shocker. Spray on your boat and feel the difference. If you feel that the product failed to live up to its expectation, just give us a call. We’ll have it checked shortly and issue any refund for unsatisfactory performance.*

To learn more about our boat odor removers and how they work or to place an order, please feel free to give us a call today! We’re offering massive discounts and shopping benefits on all our orders - helping you save more money with bigger buys!

*The product sold has a 30-month warranty period. All testing should be done and reported within 30 days of purchase to apply for a refund.

Marine Shocker removes boat odor smell

You Can't Avoid Fish Odor On A Boat, But You Can Get Rid Of It!

Who doesn''t love being on their boat? Riding the waves, feeling the wind in your hair, being at one with nature, and..ew! What is that smell? Aw, last night''s catch has left its fishy odor in the air, and now your entire boat smells like it. Catching fresh fish is one of the best parts of being on the water, and the sole reason why many people invest in boats. But when your beauty stinks like fish, it won''t be long before you''re headed for shore to get away from it. The good news for boat owners and fishermen alike then, is that there are ways to get rid of fish odor on a boat. The bad news is that most of these ways take some time.

A good cleaning, at a time when no fish is on board, is a good way to get rid of the boat odor. Keep in mind that you''ll need to thoroughly clean any place where fish has been stored, prepared, or caught. You''ll also probably need to clean the surfaces in these areas to entirely remove the boat smell. Using harsh chemicals and toxins though, which are found in many cleaning products, is not ideal when you''re in an environment where food (the fish!) is going to be prepared and eaten. For this reason, many boat owners use a halved lemon and rub the surfaces and of the boat with it. While this is a much safer option and will most likely remove the boat smell, it will also most likely take more time than you''re interested in getting rid of the fish odor from your boat.

Use our Marine Shocker and the only time you''ll spend getting rid of boat odor is no more than the few minutes it takes you to open up the package. You can even choose to have your boat fresh-smelling instantly with the Quick Release version or, set up the Time-Released Marine Shocker to keep your boat always smelling like the sea and not what's in the sea.