How to Remove Cigarette Odors From Hotel Room

Remove Cigarette Odors from Hotel Room

Everyone who travels has at least one hotel horror story. It's been well said that word of mouth is the best advertisement. The last thing you want is for your hotel to be the subject of someone elses travel horror story, especially if all you needed to do was to remove cigarette odors from hotel room furniture.

If you're a smoker, you may not even notice how strong cigarette odor can be. That's not to say anything is wrong with your nose. You've simply grown accustomed to the smell and likely don't find it objectionable. Non-smokers won't share your tolerance, though.
Non smokers will go to great lengths to remove bad odors from a house, car, or anyplace else they plan on spending a considerable amount of their time. If you plan on having non smokers frequent your hotel, you're going to need to know how to effectively remove cigarette odors from hotel room furniture, walls, and carpet.

With nearly 80% of American adults being non-smokers, and most of them finding cigarette odor highly objectionable, hotel owners and managers can't afford to ignore the need to make sure that non-smoking guests feel at home in their hotels. To do that, you need to remove cigarette odors from hotel room.

Many hotel owners assume that if the room is cleaned regularly and air freshener is used, that's sufficient. Many non-smokers, however, are very sensitive to cigarette odors. Covering them up with air fresheners isn't enough. Simply cleaning the room isn't, either. You need a strong product which is specifically designed to remove cigarette odors, and you need to use it in sufficient amounts and frequently enough (preferably after each smoking guest leaves) to make sure that non smoking guests don't smell the cigarette odors in the first place.

Just like when you remove other bad odors from a house, there are several areas which require special attention when you remove cigarette odors from a hotel room. This should include, at a minimum, the carpet, the bed, all bedding, the curtains, furniture, and anything else made of cloth or fabric. You should also pay special attention to small enclosed spaces like bathrooms. If a guest has smoked in a small space, the cigarette odor will linger.
Biocide Systems' roomShocker can help you get rid of cigarette odors, regardless of where they are. To leave your hotel room smelling fresh and inviting for all of your guests, clean periodically with roomShocker. It also works great on a variety of other offensive odors.