How To Remove Odor from a Hotel Room

If you’re running or managing a hotel, you know the importance of keeping your rooms clean, tidy and in a pristine condition. As your customers check out, they are likely to leave the room in a mess. Your janitorial staff is likely to deal with smoke odors, liquor stains and stinks, vomit, toilet smells and what not.

Even if you rely on the best air fresheners and odor removers, the smell is likely to come back again, and again. What you need is an effective hotel room odor removing solution that traces and eliminates odor molecules from every nook and corner of the room and provides a lasting breath of fresh air. And this is exactly what we, at Biocide Systems, offer.

Our patented Room Shocker odor removing solution is made from industrial chloride dioxide. This ingredient is one of the most powerful and effective odor eliminating solutions with a widespread industrial application. It is used to remove the most stubborn of all toxic and non-toxic odors in:

-  Hospitals

-  Restrooms

-  Food Processing Plants

-  Locker Rooms

-  Restaurants

-  Spas

-  Government Facilities


-  Apartment Buildings

Room Shocker

The Room Shocker solution works wonders against all kinds of smells in your hotel. As you might know, odor molecules have a tendency to absorb into all kinds of surfaces. Even if you wipe out a vomit stain from the toilet, the smell is likely to remain and will definitely put off subsequent guests - leading to a loss of business for you or worse yet negative reviews online.

Biocide Systems’ powerful odor remover identifies tracks and removes all odor molecules from the surface. The solution has a high diffusion rate and rapidly integrates in all the hard-to-reach and remote corners of your hotel room to track down the smell and completely eliminate it. The result is a fresh and fragranced room with no signs of smells and odors!

The chlorine dioxide is fused with a range of biodegradable ingredients. These neutralize the effects of toxins in your hotel rooms and dissolve into a saline solution that is easily absorbed into the surface, without causing any damage.

Unlike most of the other air fresheners, the Room Shocker is made from abrasive-free materials. They can safely be used to remove all sorts of odors from your hotel room, without spoiling or damaging your interior décor.   

As a result, your room is only mildly fragranced such that it does not cause any irritation to your guests and customers. Being allergen-free, the solution is well-suited for all sensitive patients who are allergic to strong smells.

What’s more? We offer a money-back guarantee. If you buy from us and the product fails to eliminate odors from your hotel, simply let us know. We will be more than willing to issue a complete refund, after verifying the effectiveness of the product sold.

To learn more on the benefits of natural ingredients used and how they remove odors or to check out our inventory and place an order, please feel free to contact us! For Hotel companies looking to save on a bundle, click here

 Room Shocker remove odor from your hotel room


Remove Hotel Room Odor

Get Rid Of Smoke, Musty Smells, Liquor, Vomit! These Smells Are Hard To Kill!

Effectively Remove Cigarette Odors From A Hotel Room- Even Those Closed In Musty Smells With The roomSHOCKER From Biocide Systems

As a hotel owner or manager, you know how difficult it is to remove cigarette odors from a hotel room. At the same time, it is vital to remove hotel room odor completely to keep your guests happy. Loss of business from unhappy guests can definitely harm your hotel's future business.

Unfortunately, it can be quite costly to remove odors from a hotel room when traditional methods are used. After all, who can afford to pay a commercial cleaning business to remove hotel room odor on a regular basis?

But thanks to the roomSHOCKER from Biocide Systems, you don't have to cut deeply into your maintenance budget in order to keep your rooms smelling great. In fact, roomSHOCKER doesn't just remove cigarette odors from a hotel room, it also removes odors caused by musty stale orders and all other organic matter from the room as well.

The Chlorine Dioxide found in roomSHOCKER is so effective that it is used in all of the following settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Government Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Restrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Spas
  • Apartment Buildings

Whether you need to remove cigarette odors from a hotel room or any other odor, such as garbage, vomit, liquor, pet odors or musty smells, roomSHOCKER will get the job done within just a few hours. Quickly and effectively, you can get the room cleaned up and smelling great in plenty of time for your next guest!

If you are ready to remove hotel room odor using a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly product, it is time to give roomSHOCKER a try.

To learn more about the effective odor removal products from Biocide Systems, give us a call at (877) RX-BIOCIDE or send us an email at

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