Remove Hotel Room Odor

Get Rid Of Smoke, Musty Smells, Liquor, Vomit! These Smells Are Hard To Kill!

Effectively Remove Cigarette Odors From A Hotel Room- Even Those Closed In Musty Smells With The roomSHOCKER From Biocide Systems
As a hotel owner or manager, you know how difficult it is to remove cigarette odors from a hotel room. At the same time, it is vital to remove hotel room odor completely to keep your guests happy. Loss of business from unhappy guests can definitely harm your hotel's future business.
Unfortunately, it can be quite costly to remove odors from a hotel room when traditional methods are used. After all, who can afford to pay a commercial cleaning business to remove hotel room odor on a regular basis?

But thanks to the roomSHOCKER from Biocide Systems, you don't have to cut deeply into your maintenance budget in order to keep your rooms smelling great. In fact, roomSHOCKER doesn't just remove cigarette odors from a hotel room, it also removes odors caused by musty stale orders and all other organic matter from the room as well.
The Chlorine Dioxide found in roomSHOCKER is so effective that it is used in all of the following settings:
Food Processing Plants
Government Facilities
Locker Rooms
Apartment Buildings

Whether you need to remove cigarette odors from a hotel room or any other odor, such as garbage, vomit, liquor, pet odors or musty smells, roomSHOCKER will get the job done within just a few hours. Quickly and effectively, you can get the room cleaned up and smelling great in plenty of time for your next guest!
If you are ready to remove hotel room odor using a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly product, it is time to give roomSHOCKER a try.
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