Get Rid of Stale and Musty Odors in Your Lake House or Vacation Home

If you own a lake house or vacation home that you do not use very frequently for much of the year, you likely know how easy it can be for odors to accumulate. Musty odors are very common in these properties and failure to use and air out a space for a long period of time can simply leave the space smelling stale. Even if you do not smoke in your property, there are many different things that can create odor. The good news, however, is that you can get rid of these smells easily, safely, and affordably.
One of the easiest ways to get rid of odors is to Bio-ShockTM your vacation property. Bio-ShockTM is a unique line of products that works to eliminate odors quickly and to help keep them away for up to 30 days. The line includes the highly popular Room Shocker, a bad odor remover that can eliminate stale musty odors, chemical smells, and more. These products work as chlorine dioxide vapor generators, which use oxidation to neutralize odors at the source rather than simply masking them like air fresheners and many other cleaning products.
When you use a chlorine dioxide vapor generator, you will find that you can get rid of numerous different odor types. These products can safely and easily get rid of not only stale musty odors, and pet odors, but also volatile organic compounds, which are given off by carpets and other household products and proven to be harmful to your health. Removing household odors in this way can provide a more permanent, longer term solution to your odor problems.
One last thing to consider when using cleaning products to remove musty odor from your vacation home is checking for an ongoing source. Sometimes a window that doesn't seal completely or a gap in the caulk around your tub can allow moisture to accumulate in places not immediately visible. By treating problems like this while also using a vapor generator to remove mildew smell problems, you can get rid of odors for good and just focus on how relaxing it is to spend time in your vacation home.
At Biocide Systems, we specialize in products that help to eliminate odors from pets, organic and chemical sources, and more. Take the time to browse our extensive online product selection or give us a call today at 877-792-4624. If you want odor removal that works quickly and safely and that can keep your vacation home smelling great, give our Room Shocker a try!