Don't Let Basement Odors Take over Your Space

For many modern homeowners, the basement is the one room in our homes that we have big plans for when we move in but that ends up being used only for laundry or storage. It is rarely intentional, but because they are dark and often humid, basements tend to develop a moldy or stale smell over time. If basement odors are keeping you from enjoying time in that area of your home, it is important to realize that there is something you can do about it. It is easier than you might think to remove odor from room to room in your home, and your basement is no exception.
Lingering Smoke Presenting a Problem?
For some homeowners, basement odors are caused by residual smoke. Even if you don't smoke in your home, having a previous tenant who did can create a lingering smell, especially in the basement. With summer arriving in full swing, many homeowners are just now discovering how strong the odor of old cigarette smoke can really be and the humid air in the basement makes it much worse. A dehumidifier can solve a large part of your problem, but unless you kill the bacteria causing the odor, you won't really get rid of it.
Mold and Mildew Are Other Common Problems
Even if nobody has ever smoked in your home, the need for a basement smell remover is still quite common. Mold and mildew are common in basements. For some, it is the result of a leaky pipe, while for others it is just the accumulation of hot, humid air that leaves traces of moisture on all of the surfaces in the area. Thankfully, you can remove basement odors pretty easily if you have a chlorine dioxide vapor generator to help you get the job done. These products work safely and effectively to treat odors at the source, neutralizing the bacteria that cause them and eliminating them once and for all. Why simply mask odors when there are safer products out there that can actually stop them?
What You Can Do
With a chlorine dioxide vapor generator like Room Shocker, you can trigger the release of vapors that can clear odors from an entire room in less than 24 hours. There are also extended release versions of these products available that can keep your air clean and fresh for up to 30 days. If getting rid of the smell in your basement is part of your to-do list, making the decision to Bio-ShockTM your basement can mean the difference between a room you try to avoid and a room you can't wait to spend time in. If you have always wanted to turn your basement into a man cave or a game room but found that basement odors got in the way, a quality vapor generator is all that really stands between you and the room you really want.
At Biocide Systems, we specialize in products designed to eliminate odors safely and easily. Our line of chlorine dioxide vapor generating products can help you get rid of odors in any space quickly and easily as well as to keep them away. Don't let your basement go unused because of smoke, pet urine, or mildew. Browse our website today or give us a call at 877-792-4624 to learn what a difference you can make when you Bio-ShockTM your home!