Remove Old House Odor

With the passage of time, even your home becomes susceptible to odors and foul smells. Drains, septic tanks, plumbing lines, smoke odors, food, pests, pets and all other factors contribute towards the odor. At one point or another, molds start to develop - leading to potentially toxic odors which may be more harmful than you can imagine!

Get rid of the nastiest of all odors from your home with Biocide Systems’ new Room Shocker solution. Whether you’re in search of a spring cleaning solution or simply looking to freshen up your room, Biocide’s powerful and potent solution works wonders.

Here is what we offer:

Complete Protection

The Room Shocker is guaranteed to remove all sorts of old house odors. This includes stale and musty odors, garbage stinks, smoke odors, skunk odors and any other pungent smell that you can think of. The results are almost instant as you can feel the change in smell and reduction in the stink within the first few minutes of application.

Deep Cleaning

Unlike other old house odor removing solutions, Room Shocker does not simply suppress the smell for the time being. It eliminates all odor molecules from their core. It reaches into all porous surfaces, tracks down odors and dissolves them - leaving behind a fragranced and nonreactive saline solution that is readily absorbed into the surface, without damaging it.

No Irritation

Room Shocker is made from natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients. Whether you purchase the Quick Release spray or the 30-Day Timed Release, both solutions are free from irritants and allergens. They provide a gentle and mild fragrance, with no allergic reactions.

Reliable and Long Lasting

All products at Biocide Systems are reliable, durable and long-lasting. Just a little spray or solution is enough to remove all pungent smells from your room. You need not spray an entire canister, as with other air fresheners. So if you have an odor problem in your home, don’t mask bad smells! Simply kill them with Room Shocker.


Ever been to a local store, picked up an air freshener, looked at the price and then put it back where you found it? Well, rest assured, most homeowners have done that! This is because air fresheners and odor eliminators are pricey. Fortunately, Room Shocker is offered for less than $25. So save up on your budget and buy the best odor removing solution today.

Results or your money back!

We don’t bluff or offer empty assurances on all our products. At Biocide Systems, we stand by our commitment and ensure 100% odor removal or 100% money back. If the Room Shocker fails to remove old house odors, just give us a call and we’ll issue a refund.

To learn more about our effective and efficient old house odor remover and how it works, please feel free to give us a call today!

Remove Home Odors


Do You Need To Remove Bad Odors From A House?

Remove Old House Odor, Smoke Odor & Musty Smells
With The roomSHOCKER From Biocide Systems

Do you need to remove bad odors from a house? Whether it is spring cleaning time or you simply want to freshen up your home, the roomSHOCKER from Biocide Systems is just what you are looking for. The roomSHOCKER is guaranteed to remove old house odor, including stale and musty odors, as well as other unpleasant odors.

From skunk odor to the smell of garbage or humidity, the roomSHOCKER will not only remove bad odors from a house, but it will eliminate the odorspermanently by penetrating all porous surfaces and eliminating the odors where they hide. This way, you don't have to worry about the odor coming back -- or about breathing harmful toxins.

Whether you want to remove bad odors from a house that have built up over time, or you just want to keep your house smelling fresh, Biocide Systems has the odor eliminating products you are looking for.

The roomSHOCKER comes in two powerful formulas including:

  • Quick Release
  • 30-Day Timed Release

Regardless of the formula you choose, the roomSHOCKER is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. In addition, both formulas are available for less than $25. Therefore, the roomSHOCKER provides an inexpensive way to permanently remove bad odors from a house that simply can't be beat.

Why deal with unpleasant odors any longer? Eliminate them - don't just cover them up - quickly and effectively with the roomSHOCKER. Buy the roomSHOCKER and completely remove old house odor and other unpleasant house smells in just hours.
To learn more about the roomSHOCKER or any of or other odor eliminating products, visit our web site or give us a call at (877) RX-BIOCIDE -- or email us at Odors can be a thing of the past when you use the odor eliminating products from Biocide Systems.