How to Remove Smoke Odor from your Car or Your Money Back

Whether you’re buying a used car or selling one out, you simply cannot ignore those persistent smoke odors in your car. Thanks to interior leathers, the smell of smoke is absorbed by your car. No matter how many times you roll down your window, some of the smell persists.

If you’re buying a car for your family, you simply cannot leave anything up to chance. You would want to make the right decision and buy a vehicle free from smoke odors as they pose health hazards to your kids. Similarly, as a seller, you’re looking to get the most out of your sale.

At Biocide Systems, we offer the perfect win-win solution for all. Our patent eco-friendly odor-removing solution removes the most stubborn of all smoke smell from your car and leaves it fresh, clean and mildly fragranced.

The powerful Auto Shocker Quick Release odor remover offers:

Complete Elimination

Unlike traditional air fresheners, the Biocide product does not simply cover up smoke smell with perfumes and fragrances. It uses a chlorine dioxide deodorizer to completely eliminate all odors from your car. With the highest dispersion rate, the solution rapidly covers all hard-to-reach areas in your car, identify the source of smells, target odor-causing molecules, neutralize them and remove the stench once and for all.

No Reactions

The Auto Shocker is free from allergens and abrasives. This allows rapid integration into your car, without damaging your interiors or giving you allergic reactions. It is biodegradable and can easily be washed into the soil, without harming the plants and crops. Just one press of the nozzle is enough to get rid of all smoke odors from your car.

Better Resale Value

As mentioned earlier, the interiors of your car are as important as the exteriors. If you’re out selling your car and have frequently (or occasionally) smoked in your car or know people who have, it is best to remove smoke odors from your car before putting it up for sale. A gentle fragrance is bound to leave a lasting impression on all potential buyers and help you set a higher selling price on your car for sale.

Money-back Guarantee

We offer a complete money-back guarantee on all our products sold. If you bought our Auto Shocker and find it ineffective to remove the odor, simply give us a call. If the product is found unsatisfactory by our team, we’ll give you your entire money back. However, our products offer 99.99% results! So rest assured, your investment will be worth it.

How to Use?

Using our efficient smoke odor remover is fairly simple and straightforward. Just seal up your car, activate the packet and let the solution work on its own. After the prescribed time period, roll down your car windows and air your car. You’ll feel the smoke smell completely vanished then!

To learn more about the Auto Shocker Quick Release, please feel free to contact us and place your order today.

Auto Shocker removes cigarette smoke odor from your car or your money back


How to Remove Car Odors - Permanently

It is said that home is where the heart is but conversely, many people are said to 'live out of their car'. Normally you wouldn't take that literally but millions of people in the US spend as much as a third of their day in their automobile. Sales representatives, utility repair people, taxi drivers, commuters and long distance truckers all spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles as their livelihood.

A cigarette or cigar in the car, fast food while on the road, or a pet filled with anxiety on the way to the vet are all culprits of distasteful odors in the car. Once these odors have embedded themselves into the carpets and upholstery they are very difficult to eradicate.
Biocide Systems offers a product line that easily deals with the task to remove smoke odor from car seats, headliners and carpeted floors. Room Shocker is a solution that contains chlorine dioxide, an effective and eco friendly odor eliminator.

Chlorine Dioxide dissolves into a saline solution within hours and breaks up the permeation of the odor. By depositing a pouch of Auto Shocker into water, it generates the chlorine dioxide vapors that are needed to eliminate the odor.

Automobile dealers, car detailers, rental companies and businesses such as public transit and taxi services can benefit from Biocide System products to keep their merchandise odor free and their customers protected from unwanted smells.

We also provide advice and have a number of testimonials on how to remove car odors easily and quickly. Forgotten fast food containers, the urine of a pet or even the odor of a passenger''s vomit can be tackled with Biocides state of the art technology.

Operating for the last few years, Biocide Systems has realized unbelievable growth through their innovative products and continue to satisfy customers day after day. Read our blog posts for information on how to remove odors of any kind in any location.

Discounts are available when you purchase a bundle' of odor removal products up to 25-30%. Case pricing of 24 units per case is available to commercial sellers and distributors. Take advantage of the savings now and make sure that your supply of Biocide products is readily at hand.

For additional information you can contact us at 877-792-4624. And you can also visit us on Facebook for all of the latest news on odor removal or follow us on Twitter. We provide lots of tips and tricks on our social networks because we know you like to have the inside scoop!