Removing Pet Odors From Carpet

If you have a pet and a carpet in your home, than you can understand how dangerous the combination can be. Sometimes your pet has to go and will use your carpet as a means to relieve itself from a full bladder. Other times, you wake up to a strong smell of pet pee originating from your carpet in your downstairs living room. And who is there, sitting on the ground not trying to look at you in your eyes; yes, your beloved pet. But how can you get mad at that beautiful animal!

Now we are going to have to remove that urine smell, so how will we do it? 

Removing the stench of urine is as challenging as removing its stain. You end up shopping for the best fabric cleaners and high quality air fresheners for the sole purpose of just masking the odor. Here’s where you make your critical mistake: thinking short-term over long-term.

Air fresheners tend to conceal the scent of urine for only a short period of time. As their smell withers, you’re back to dealing with a stinky home, apartment, car or mobile home. So instead of emptying up several bottles of spray, why not go for a simpler solution?

Biocide Systems offer a powerful, efficient and highly effective pet urine odor removing solution for your home and car. Made from a blend of natural ingredients, the solution works wonders in eliminating even the most stubborn and stinky of all urine smells from your carpet, without damaging or compromising its quality.

How does it Work?

The urine odor remover targets urine scent molecules in every nook and corner of your carpet in your house. This includes all corners, the base and each individual strand of fur. Once you have washed your carpet, simply apply the solution.

The abrasive-free Liquid Shocker spreads throughout your carpet surface, identifies and traces urine odor molecules and neutralizes them, while providing a cool and mild fragrance to your carpet.

Made from eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients, the solution does not affect your carpet quality in any way. It absorbs gently, without leaving any stain. With Liquid Shocker, you need not worry about that tough and hard-to-remove air freshener stain on your carpet!

The odor solution can be used on any type of carpet. Whether you’re using an expensive Persian rug, a unique animal hide or even a reasonably priced simple carpet, the Liquid Shocker works well and blends perfectly in all carpet materials.

Why Choose Biocide Systems?

At Biocide Systems, we take all measures to ensure quality in our products. All our odor removers are free from preservatives, chemicals and environmentally hazardous substances. The odor solution does not bleach your carpet either.

We offer 100% money back guarantee. Simply use our odor remover on your urine-infected carpet and watch (read: smell) the change on your own. If the ammonia smell persists, simply give us a call and we’ll give you your money back. (Word to the wise: we have yet to receive a single request for refund!)

To learn more about our amazing odor removing solution or to take a sniff at it, please feel free to give us a call today!

How To Remove Pet Odors From Carpet

When your pet makes a mess on the carpet, it doesn''t take long before it starts to stink - a lot! You can spend your time laying a towel down, stomping around on it to absorb the spill, and then scrubbing and rinsing trying to get your carpets clean. That seems like a lot of work. While you''ll still have to worry about giving the area a wipe to get any stains out, there are better ways to get pet odors out of carpet, without having to worry about getting all the way down to the tiny fibers at the bottom.

There are many odor eliminators on the market that work by simply shaking them onto your carpet and then vacuuming them up. These odor eliminators will absorb any smell when they're applied so that after you vacuum the smell will go in the bag or the trash along with the rest of the debris you vacuum up. If you don't want to invest in specialized products, baking soda will work much the same way. It''s advisable though to only use these products on low-pile carpets as with very high pile, the odor eliminator can get trapped at the bottom, where not even vacuums can suck it up.

Another treatment for removing pet odors from carpet, especially when they''re very stubborn stains, is to steam clean the carpets. If you don't have a steam cleaner there are many equipment rental stores and even grocery stores that carry equipment and complete cleaning kits. While this can be very effective at removing the stain, and getting pet odors out of carpet, it's important to remember dry the carpet as much as possible with the steam cleaner; this is done by sucking out as much of the water as you can.

Kittens are cute - their cat pee on your carpet is not. Liquid Shocker removes pet pee odor from your carpet and home.

Removing pet odors from carpet is never a fun job but there are ways that you can make it easier. Whichever way you choose, it's important to remember that when you're done, nothing should be left on your carpets - not any mess, any odor, or any cleaning product. This will extend the life of your carpet, and keep odors out of it for good!

An easy way to get pet odors out of carpet is to use our CLO2 Liquid Shocker. This product just needs to be sprayed on your carpet. It will then go deep down to find every nasty odor molecule in your carpet and completely destroy them. And, it has the advantage over steam cleaning your carpets because there''s no expensive equipment to buy and it takes much less time to dry! Contact us today to find out more!

Remove pet odors from carpet guaranteed!