Removing Pet Odors in Carpet

Removing Pet Odors From Carpet

Your carpet's worst enemy

You may be thinking that juice, or maybe chocolate, or permanent markers, on your light-colored wall-to-wall carpeting is your worst nightmare. These stains aren''t pleasant to deal with, but they are not as unpleasant as set-in odors from pets, which are often not visible as stains.

Nothing is quite as hard as removing pet odors from carpet. Removing pet odors is difficult because of the odor-causing matter that cannot be seen, but is definitely smelled, even if you have thoroughly removed all traces of a pet stain. These odors can remain for months or even years and have you turning up your nose every time you enter a room. If your carpets worse enemy is pet odor, here are some tips on removing pet odors from your home.

Clean up pet stains immediately. These are the chief cause of pet odors, and the longer they stay, the deeper they set in and the harder they are to clean and eliminate all traces of pet odor.

Bathe your pets. They leave traces of their hair and smell everywhere they lay, which may be contributing to your pet odor.
If you are having trouble locating the problem areas, turn off the lights and use a black light bulb to help you find any dried up spots so you can start removing pet odors.

Cleaning carpets with a steam cleaner is sometimes effective at removing pet odors from carpet, depending on how deeply set the odors are into the carpet. If odors from stains are heavy or have remained for a while, the carpet padding may need to be replaced to totally eliminate the odor. This is, of course, a last resort, but having an odor-free carpet is worth the labor and expense.

If you find yourself regularly removing pet odors from carpet in your home, you need to take a closer look at your pet. They may need to be re-trained, or may have behavior problems that need to be addressed, such as loneliness. Pets are the source of pet odors; treat the source and you may eliminate your problem.

Stop masking pet odors in your carpet with candles, sprays, and powders that only waste your money and donÂ't solve your problem. Start removing pet odors fromcarpet for good with Biocide SystemÂ's Liquid Shocker. This formula is cheaper and faster at removing pet odors than expensive industrial steam cleaners.