Whether Buying or Selling, Smoke Odors in the Car Have to Go

Need to remove smoke odors from your car? Biocide can help!
When buying or selling a used car, one of the first things you want to do is make sure it's nice and clean for the following owner. If you're a smoker and are selling your car, that usually entails removing smoke odors from car. Removing smoke smells from a car can be one of the most difficult things to do in prepping it for sale smoke odors cling to everything and permeate into all kinds of fabrics, including plastic and leather. Before you put your car up for sale in the newspaper or Craigslist, you'll want to be sure you're thoroughly removing smoke odors from car.
Unfortunately, removing smoke smells from a car can seem impossible! Plenty of products claim to get rid of smoke odors, but all they really do is cover them up with perfumes and fragrances which wear off after a few weeks and leave you with perfumed smoke odors. When you need something for removing smoke odors from a car FAST, you need Auto Shocker Quick Release. Auto Shocker uses a chlorine dioxide deodorizer to actually eliminate smoke odors in your vehicle as opposed to covering them up.
Removing smoke odor from a car suddenly becomes so much easier with Auto Shocker Quick Release. All you need to do is seal up your car, activate the packet and let Auto Shocker go to work. While you go on about your day, Auto Shocker Quick Release goes about removing smoke smells from car you don't even have to be there! After the suggested time period is up, simply air out your car for a bit and the smoke odors will have disappeared completely!
Auto Shocker Quick Release is also great for removing smoke odor from a car you've recently bought. Sometimes you find the perfect car but you're turned off by the smoke odors left by the previous owner. You can use Auto Shocker for removing smoke smells from car so that your dream car doesn't become your nightmare car. Auto Shocker Quick release isn't just for getting rid of smoke odors, however. It can be used to remove musty stale odors and pet smells as well.