Do You Need to Remove Odor from your Apartment?

It has been a long day at work and there is nothing that you want more than head back to your apartment and rest. Imagine that as soon as you open your apartment door and before you can even switch on the light, your nose tells you that your apartment stinks! Sounds like a familiar scenario, doesn’t it?

Even after a while the smell seems to go away (or maybe your nose gets used to it), a smelly apartment is not a good sign. It tells you that there is something that just isn’t right. It could be anything- from leftover or expired food rotting away to the smell of toilet clogged up.

When dealing with apartment smells, you can either foolproof yourself by relying on those instant air fresheners that reduce funky smell for some time, only for it to come back with a bang or you can go for a latter, more sophisticated and lasting approach- something that Biocide Systems offers with its patent apartment odor-removing solution.

Natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable: our patent ClO2 Room Shocker removes even the most stubborn and persistent of all odors from your apartment and provides lasting relief. Instead of opening up your windows and catching a chill, simply use our odor remover and let the natural and light fragrance take over your entire home.

The solution works best against:


Cigarette smells are extremely difficult to remove. The longer your apartment is exposed to smoke, the trickier it gets to remove it. ClO2 Room Shocker targets all odor-causing molecules, dissolves them and provides a breath of fresh air. The solution can reach even the most remote corners of your home to trace the source of foul smells and neutralize it once and for all, instead of suppressing it for a short time.


From boiling eggs to preparing a three course meal, food leaves its smell in your home. If you’re getting tired of the food smell, you can remove it using our odor solution. It is effective against all sorts of fried, baked, stir-fried and steamed foods. The solution also removes the smell of rotting foods with just a single spray and keeps your home fragranced for a long period of time.

Other Smells

Dead plants and pests, mildew, moulds and clogged drains tend to leave an unsettling stench in your apartment. As a result, you often have to listen to the taunts of your landlord and your neighbors. The landlord might also file a lawsuit against you, if you leave their apartment in a bad smell at the termination of vacancy.

Simply use our odor removing product and fix all sorts of smells, leaving your apartment clean and tidy and improve its resale value. To learn more about our product, please feel free to contact us. 

 Remove Pesky Odor from your Apartment or Condo



Our apartment cleaning bundle:
Apartment odors range from bad food, to musty, to smoke odors and chemical smells. The odors can originate in your own apartment or spread from an adjoining apartment. Odor removal in apartments is crucial since the causes are endless and the odors are often stubborn. If the odor originates in another unit, you canÂ't eliminate the source, so quickly eliminating the odor that has permeated your unit is all you can do.

Musty Odors

Liquid Shocker is great for eliminating odors on hard surfaces in the apartment (like counters, floors etc), you can find more information on CL02 Liquid Shocker here: 
If skunk smell is a problem, we also offer a spray for animals to remove skunk odor: