Biocide Systems Removes Bad Odor from Restaurants and Bars

For restaurants and bars, serving quality foods and drinks is not enough. You may have the best chefs and waiters in the business, but if you lack the proper ambiance; your business is unlikely to thrive. Creating the perfect ambiance is all about lights, display and aroma.

Biocide Systems offers an effective ClO2 Odor Eliminator that removes all types of smells from your restaurant or bar. Be it the tempting smell of food or foul toilet odor, our solution works best in all settings and against all smells and creates a mild fragrance throughout your restaurant. Here’s what the product offers:

Creating the Right Environment

Worried about your restaurant’s or bar’s reviews? Looking to create the perfect eating atmosphere? Then our odor removing solution for restaurants and bars can do the trick. The colorless solution is simple to apply over your restaurant and is allergen-free and non-irritant that easily removes all odors, without causing any inconvenience to your customers.

Biodegradable Ingredients

Biocide Systems odor removing products are made from natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients. The components are thoroughly tested and are safe for use. By relying on our products, not only do you end up creating the perfect ambiance but also keep a clean smelling restaurant. 

Complete Elimination

Unlike simple air fresheners, our odor removing product does not simply mask bad smell. It removes all smells from the core. Our unique odor removing can easily covers all hard-to-reach areas of your restaurant / bar and provide a breath of clean, fresh and fragranced air by dissolving all smelly odors.

Efficient and Long-Lasting

Our odor remover provides lasting results. Our Liquid Shocker will eliminate your restaurant/bar kitchen odor all the while neutralizing the odor with natural fragrances. Restaurant and bar owners can expect to have the odor removed within 24 to 36 hours.  

Refund on Unsatisfactory Performance

If you purchase from Biocide Systems and find out that your product fails to remove the odors, give us a call. Our team will inspect your restaurant/bar and the product and test it. If still unsatisfactory results prevail, we will issue a complete refund on your purchase.

No Abrasives and Synthetics

We understand the importance of quality services for our clients and are committed to providing the same. Our odor eliminators for restaurants and bars are abrasive-free. Whenever sprayed on any surface, they do not leave marks. Instead, they are entirely absorbed by the surface without producing any side-effects.

To learn more about the best odor removing solution for restaurants and bars, please feel free to contact us!

Remove Odors from your restaurant or bar with Biocide Systems



Whether you run a fancy restaurant or a casual bar and hangout, you are dealing with the mess and associated smells related to cooking. When cooking in larger quantities, the smells are an even bigger problem to contend with than cooking at home.
With the right ambiance, food, location and marketing a restaurant or bar becomes a success.
Nothing will destroy that success quicker than bad smells.

Ensure that your restaurant is free from the odors of food preparation by using our odor eliminators. All food borne smells are completely wiped out. ItÂ's safe and easy to use.

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