Room SHOCKER Quick Release Odor Eliminator

Room Shocker

Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator

Wipes Out Stinky Cigarette Smoke and Mold, Pet, Food and Skunk Odor too!

Room Shocker is the most effective odor eliminator available today, it's revolutionary new technology has no equal when it comes to eliminating odors of any type.

We Guarantee It! Money Back Guarantee - Room Shocker

Our products are the only ones that can deliver the super odor eliminating power of Chlorine Dioxide directly to the consumer!

We are so confident that you will be satisfied we offer a money back guarantee!


Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a potent oxidizer that literally uses oxygen to break up odor molecules. This sort of oxidizing action is found in many chemicals, but ClO2 is one of the most effective. Chances are that you've used oxidizers before: "Oxy-Clean" is an example of an oxidizer that cleans -- it uses Sodium Perchlorate.

Unlike most oxidizers, Chlorine Dioxide degrades very quickly into to simple salts and water (within hours). Under the best conditions, it is unlikely to last two weeks. Basically, as a product, it has no shelf life as a liquid . And for that reason has never really been available to consumers.

It has widespread industrial use as a safe but extremely effective odor eliminator (pretty much all paper is turned white using ClO2 and many municipal water systems use it instead of chlorine) where large machines can generate it, often using electrolysis.

Now, thanks to this revolutionary new vapor generator technology, you simply place the pouch in water (following the directions of course!) and it generates Chlorine Dioxide vapors.

ClO2 is especially good at oxidizing organic odor-causing substances, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It does not MASK them like perfumes do, it NEUTRALIZES them through oxidation. Very effective.

"My tenant assured me that she quit smoking as I do not rent my houses to smokers, That being said, the house still smelled horrible. Even though the tenant used 3-4 air fresheners throughout the house, it still smelled like smoke. I didn't know what to do! I tried various products and they only masked the odor for a short while. Then I found the Room Shocker. WOW! I could not believe it! The cigarette smell was gone.....COMPLETELY.

I am a very busy man and NEVER take the time to write to a company about their product, but I was so impressed and pleased with the results of the Room Shocker that I have turned all my real estate friends on to this product. Thank you again."

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roomSHOCKER Eliminates All Kinds of Odors in Your Home!

It eliminates all odors, including cigarette and cigar smoke odors, pet odor, vomit odor, sour milk odor, stale musty odors, and more.

  • Cigarette Odors. That residual smoke odor that you smell is what scientists now call "Thirdhand Smoke", the tarry, smelly residue left behind after a smoker has smoked in the room. Our roomSHOCKER attacks many of the organic molecules in Thirdhand Smoke (3HS), oxidizing them and eliminating the gasses and odors that they emit. Most of our competitors merely mask (with perfumes) or encapsulate (with waxes) the 3HS molecules, which means that they are still active and dangerous. Adding a perfume to the dangerous 3HS gasses doesn't make them less dangerous -- it just makes you less aware of the danger!

  • Stale musty Smell. Humid climates, old houses, basements, flooding and large spills can all create a climate in your home that incubates stale musty and other organic odors. Our roomSHOCKER attacks these odors and their sources.

  • Family and Pet Smells. Your family and your pets also add odors to your home. Spilled drinks, food, vomit, and other noxious compounds can lodge in your carpet and flooring and make your home smell terrible. No other product can truly remove these and the wide range of other odors that roomSHOCKER can.

  • Skunk Odor. There is no mistaking the smell of a skunk – PUTRID, RANCID, FOUL - the most powerful, lingering smell you will ever experience. Hopefully you never have that smell in your home. But if you do, roomSHOCKER again can come to your rescue.

You probably have a fire extinguisher in your house,
why not add a skunk odor extinguisher as well?
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Skunk 911 Home Kit and Skunk 911 Rescue Kit.

Remember, we have a Money Back Guarantee. Our Products Work and We stand Behind Them!

roomSHOCKER: High-Technology That Eliminates Odors!

Our revolutionary roomSHOCKER Quick Release product is a single-use high-tech packet that delivers the most effective chemical deodorizer (Chlorine Dioxide) safely to neutralize and eliminate even the worst indoor odors. Each packet treats a single room of up to 400 square feet, depending upon the level of contamination (see FAQ for directions). Property Management and Property Rehabilitation companies love it, and we're seeing more and more Hoteliers use it as well. It is so simple to use and so effective you won't believe it!

"I moved into a house that smelled like CIGARETTES BADLY--YUKKKK --but your product did the trick.... Ordered four & used two, so I hope I don't have to use the other two, as I would like to share them with others that might need this product & share the good fortune I had. Maybe I can help get the word out."

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