Room Shocker Case (24 units)

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Manufacturer: Biocide Systems
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Contains 24 individual Units

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Odor Types & How to Eliminate Them with Our ClO2 Bio-Shockers™

Eliminating Odors in Restaurants and Bars

The same principle that results in every house having its own distinct smell is multiplied by a factor of 100 when it comes to restaurants, where food is cooked constantly on a daily basis. (Just think about how McDonald’s has a distinctly... next...

Airing Out the Hotel Room Odors Guests Leave Behind

Hotels have an eternal problem that they must confront on a daily basis: guests don’t want to stay in rooms that smell. And since rooms constantly turn over visitors, this causes the likelihood of every room to eventually be affected by odors... next...

Eliminating the Odors That Linger in Apartments

Smells linger and accumulate as one tenant after another rents and leaves an apartment. Such odors include the smell of trash, rotten foods, and pets. Biocide Systems can help in the process of eliminating the accumulated history of odors.... next...

How to Eliminate the Odors That Give Our Houses a Unique Scent

Every house smells different -- and some smell worse than others. Residential odors come from many sources, including, but not limited to: mold and mildew, pets, cigarettes and smoke, foods cooked, rodents and pests, body odors (especially... next...