RV Shocker Removes Odor from Your RV

Whether you’re planning a road trip or simply tucking it away for the winters, you should keep your Recreational Vehicle (RV) or other Motor home vehicle in pristine condition. This not only means checking the engine oil and consumables, but also getting rid of all those nasty RV smells and odors that tend to get stuck in your interiors.

Biocide Systems offer the powerful, yet gentle, RV Shocker ClO2 Odor Eliminator. Our patented RV odor removing solution combines the benefits and essence of natural and biodegradable products to provide lasting odor removal and relief for your mobile home vehicle.

Here are a few important features:

Fit for all

Unlike traditional air fresheners, RV Shocker is fit for all small and midsize RV interiors. The solution is specifically designed to absorb all odor molecules, regardless of the interior decoration and household items within the RV. Simply place the RV Shocker where the smells appear and that is all it takes for the nastiest of all smells to disappear forever! (Large RVs may require two bottles).

Squashing, not Suppressing

This odor removing solution contains a blend of dense and concentrated natural fragrances that eliminate odors from the core, not just masking it temporarily. It spreads out in all hard-to-reach areas, identifies the source of all odors and attacks it. If the smell is under the carpet or within the cabinets, RV Shocker can reach every nook and corner of your motor home to remove the smell.

No Stains Involved

Some air fresheners contain abrasive chemicals that leave a stain whenever sprayed. RV Shocker contains natural and eco-friendly ingredients that are free from abrasive properties and do not leave any stain. The colorless solution quickly absorbs into the target surface and is completely assimilated in the process.


With a range of up to 400 sq. feet, RV Shocker offers much more than what you had bargained for. The product carries a reasonable price tag, much lesser than what competitors offer. Biocide Systems is also offering extra savings and bundle specials. Contact us today and learn more about our discounted packages on the RV Shocker product line. 

Odor Removal or Your Money-back

We never compromise on quality and are committed to removing all sorts of odors from your RV. Be it animal stink, clogged toilets, the smell of food or new leather or any other type of unpleasant smell, RV Shocker removes them all. Its non-allergic properties make it safe and are unlikely to put you on a sneezing spree. If the product fails, just send it back to us and we’ll give you 100% refund.

RV Shocker is available with an advanced quick vapor-releasing pump to increase the spread through the nozzle. To learn more about the benefits of our product or request a sample demonstration, please feel free to contact us today!

Husband cook up a storm in the RV but left a pungent smell? Try the RV Shocker for 100% odor eliminating solution in your RV.


RV Shocker ClO2 Odor Eliminator Features

RV Shocker

  • ClO2 Odor Eliminator
  • Quick Release Vapor
  • Good for one Small to Midsize RV interior
  • With up to 400 sq/ft
  • Large RVs my require two.

Eliminates severe odors permanently, not a masking agent

For Extra Savings, See the RV Shocker Bundle Specials