doggiCLEEN Skunk 911 Rescue Kit -- No More Stinky Skunk Smell!


Skunk 911
Rescue Kit


For Home, Pet & Auto
Contains 1 Room ShockerT
1 Auto ShockerT
1 Liquid ShockerT
1 doggiCLEENT
Skunk Spray
ClO2 Odor Eliminators

Ideal for situations when
Pet gets sprayed by skunk
And car and home interior
as well as exterior
surrounding space requires
ClO2 odor elimination treatment
For more rooms and more savings
combine with other bundles

For Individual units click here

$81.80 $59.96 On Sale!




Product Description
Go GREEN with new doggiCLEEN packaging! We've convinced our manufacturer to replace the nifty french-made one piece dispenser (and don't even contemplate its carbon footprint) with a simple and highly recyclable two-part system. You'll get a handy 8 oz. spray bottle and a small "PART B" bottle that you mix when needed. Still 4oz total, but you can dispose of the bottles in the recycling bin now. Now you can stay cleaner and greener every time you use doggiCLEEN!

Be Prepared - Doggi Will Thank You. Your Neighbor May Too!

This kit is the "super-size" version of our Skunk 911 Home Kit and not only removes skunk odor from your pet and your home, but also your car and your yard. It includes one doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray and one Room Shocker Quick Release. A 25%+ Savings at Only $59.96

The Skunk 911 Rescue Kit Works Four Ways To Remove Skunk Odor


On Your Pet. Nobody likes to go to the vet. Even your dog hates it. Our doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray is just the thing for getting skunk oil out of your pet's fur, face and skin, without an expensive trip to the vet. It comes in a pump spray bottle with a "PART B" bottle for a total of 4oz. Normally $18.95 but on sale now for $16.95, and also comes in the Skunk 911 Home Kit.

In Your Home. Our roomSHOCKER Quick Release product can effectively deodorize a room or an enclosed area within hours. It uses a proprietary dispensing technology that generates ClO2 vapor that oxidizes odor molecules in the whole room. The single-use roomSHOCKER packet is $24.95 and also comes in the Skunk 911 Home Kit .

In Your Car. Our autoSHOCKER Quick Release works just like roomSHOCKER, but for your car. product car, crawl spaces or outside areas. It uses the same proprietary dispensing technology as roomSHOCKER and absolutely eliminates all odors in your car, even New Car Smell. The single-use autoSHOCKER packet is $24.95.

Outside and on Hard Surfaces. For outside areas, crawl spaces, or hard surfaces such as a basement floor, avanFLEX Liquid Deodorizer comes to the rescue. One pouch, when immersed in 5 gallons of water, will make a powerful deodorizing solution. You can spray, sweep or mop it on areas that reek of skunk smell. The single-use avanFLEX pouch is $14.95.

Build Your Own Rescue Kit from our Products Page

ClO2 - Strong, but Friendly.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an industrial-quality oxidizer: almost all white paper has been bleached using ClO2 and most European public water systems use it instead of Chlorine. But ClO2 degrades fairly quickly into harmless salts if it doesn't find something organic to oxidize. That means that you can't just buy some ClO2 in a bottle. Some manufacturers sell what they call "Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide" -- this is not the same. All of our products generate "Active" ClO2, which is more effective across a broader range of volatile organics. We use proprietary technologies and formulations to "generate" the ClO2 right when you need it.
Remember, we have a Money Back Guarantee. Our Products Work and We stand Behind Them!
And did we mention that it degrades quickly? In direct sunlight ClO2 degrades very quickly - in a matter of seconds. Even without sunlight it typically only lasts hours when exposed to normal air. That's a good thing for all of us and the environment -- once you're done using our highly effective deodorizers, they are gone for good. Our liquid form products are more gentle on skin than most household cleaners -- doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray often leaves your dog's coat cleaner and fresher smelling than ever before.