doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray


Skunk Spray
ClO2 Odor Eliminator

8 oz
Good for Small Medium and
Large Dogs or Cats

Eliminates severe odors
Soothes and is
Great for your pets fur and skin

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No More Stinky Skunk Smell!




Product Description
Go GREEN with new doggiCLEEN packaging! We've convinced our manufacturer to replace the nifty french-made one piece dispenser (shown above, and don't even contemplate its carbon footprint) with a simple and highly recyclable two-part system. You'll get a handy 8 oz. spray bottle and a small "PART B" bottle that you mix when needed. Still 4oz total, but you can dispose of the bottles in the recycling bin now. Now you can stay cleaner and greener every time you use doggiCLEEN!

Nobody likes to go to the vet. Even your dog hates it. Our doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray is just the thing for getting skunk oil out of your pet's fur, face and skin, without an expensive trip to the vet. It comes with a pump spray bottle. Normally $18.95 but on sale now for $16.95, and also comes in the Skunk 911 Home Kit and the Skunk 911 Rescue Kit.

doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray comes in a convenient 8oz multi-use spray bottle, with 8 oz total fluid.