Successfully Removing Pet Odors From Your House

Let's Face it... Your Pets are Your Best Friends.

There’s nothing better than coming home late from work and being greeted by your tail-wagging canine buddy at the doorstep. And who doesn’t enjoy watching cute kitten videos on popular social media networks or even how grey parrots imitate their owners?

Despite all their love and charm, keeping a pet can be challenging for many pet owners. One has to care for them the same way as they’re family members. The most draining of all pet-related chores is to clean their mess and to remove their pet odors from your home. That is why Biocide Systems created the best pet odor eliminator out in the market.  

Biocide Systems offers the "Room Shocker", which is a patent pet odor removing product made from a blend of pure and natural ingredients. The solution attacks all the pet odor-causing molecules, disintegrates them and releases its essence. This provides a breath of fresh and balanced air throughout your home and forever!

The All-in-One Solution

Biocide Systems "Room Shocker" odor remover works on all pet smells. Be it dog poop, vomit, blood or cat urine, the "Room Shocker" removes even the most stubborn of all stenches. Its unique odor removing formula does not suppress the funky smell temporarily; it removes it from the core or your money back

No Excessive Spraying

When using any other air freshener, you probably have to empty an entire spray can to remove the foul urine smell from your pet. However, the dense and concentrated "Room Shocker" solution needs only to be opened and following the instructions, you'l realize why its the #1 pet odor eliminator in the market. Simply place it in the area where the pet odor smell is coming from and follow the instructions on the container, and tomorrow your odor will be eliminated!

Biodegradable Ingredients

At Biocide Systems, we place emphasis on creating clean and eco-friendly products. All our "Room Shocker" odor removing solutions are made from biodegradable ingredients that are free from irritants, allergens and harmful compounds. The key ingredients are medically tested and are safe for external use.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our products and services are our pride. If you’re unsure of whether or not to buy, you can contact us for a free demo. We guarantee that our odor remover will dissolve even the worst of all smells. If you purchase our product and it fails to live up to your expectation, we’ll return all your money back. (100% reimbursement)

Use Anywhere!

Biocide Systems pet odor remover contains non-abrasive and non-reactive elements. This makes it safe for use anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re taking a road trip or simply sitting at home, you can apply the Biocide Systems solution without worrying about the side effects. The solution also works wonders in outdoor camping trips by using the RV Shocker

The Perfect Gift

Know someone who has a pet at home? Simply give them one of our reliable, lasting and budget-friendly Biocide Systems pet odor removing solution as the perfect birthday or seasonal gift. Your friends and loved ones will surely thank you for it and so will their pets!

To place an order for the Room Shocker or to check out how it works, please feel free to contact us at 877.790.5460


If you dog or pet has recently gone no-no on your carpet or in your home, Biocide Systems "Home Shocker" will remove the odor completely or your money back. Made in the USA