Odor Eliminator for Your Car to Remove Bad Smell

Of all your personal assets, your car is the most susceptible to odors, foul smells and dirt. From a toddler to an octogenarian, you have probably given a ride to all sorts of people. Every now and then, your pets need to see their doctors and want you to be their chauffeurs too. Sometimes, you decide to grab a quick bite and gobble up a juicy burger on your way home within the confines of your car.

The combined smell of inner plastic and leather, perfumes, food stuff, animal breath, soaked up sweat in the seats and even the much-dreaded gas, tend to clutter your car with a strong stench. Even the best air fresheners can only subdue the smell for some time, till it comes back again.

Biocide System offers a complete odor elimination solution called the Auto Shocker that will eliminate odor of all types of scents and smells in your car. Even the most stubborn of all smells will dissipate and never come back again!

Here’s how Auto Shocker works:

Its Bio-Degradable

Unlike artificial scents, Biocide’s odor removing solution is mild & eco-friendly and is made from natural products. The product does not contain any abrasive material and is easy on your car. This neither corrodes your inner plastic, nor does it contribute towards global warming.

For All Smells

Whether it’s a new car smell or that of rotten food, Biocide removes them all. From the musty smell of gas leaks and gasoline smell to the stench of rotten food and human mess, Biocide’s effective odor remover dissolves all kinds of smells. The formula eliminates the foul smell from the core by removing even the faintest trace.

It's Non-Toxic

Biocide System’s multiple-action odor remover for cars and other vehicles is made from positively charged chlorine dioxide gas. This allows the gas to bury itself in all deep and hard-to-reach places - especially beneath the surfaces of all affected areas. This attracts all negatively charged odor molecules towards the fragrance, which are then entirely neutralized. Its non-toxic properties make it safe when inhaling and does not lead to allergic reactions.

Instant Results

No matter how stinky your car is, simply roll up the windows, use the odor remover and shut off all the doors. Biocide solution works within minutes. The result is almost instant. The solution dissolves after attacking the odor molecules and leaves a refreshing smell within your car. Just a small amount is enough to cleanse a SUV.

Money-Back Guarantee

Biocide Systems offers 100% money back guarantee on all products sold. If our solution fails to work, let us know and we’ll provide a complete refund. We take pride in our quality and place customer satisfaction above everything else!

To learn more about our amazing patent Auto Shocker odor remover or to take a whiff at it, please feel free to give us a call today 877.790.5460


Do you need to remove cigarette smoke from your car? The Auto Shocker from Biocide Systems is the #1 car odor eliminator to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from your car.




Cars easily get dirty and stinky. Keeping the car clutter free is up to you! But we are here to help with the smells.
Whether it's new car smell, rotten food, musty smell from leaks, gasoline smell or anything else you can come up with, we have a solution.
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