Remove Bad Odor from Your Boat and Marine Vehicles

Biocide Systems offers a wide range of environment-friendly, biodegradable and abrasive-free odor-removing products for boats, yachts, luxury cruises and a wide range of marine vehicles. Our patent formula reacts with all odor-causing molecules, disintegrates them and provides a clean and refreshing fragrance to your mid-sea cruise.

Biocide Systems natural odor remover is formulated to provide fast and effective elimination of all those pungent, unpleasant and even hazardous smells that can occur on a boat or any other marine vehicle. Whenever you’re faced with an odor problem, simply spray our odor remover, sit back, relax and let it work its magic.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Biocide Systems products:


Biocide Systems strictly complies with all environmental laws and regulations that prohibit the use of formaldehyde. All our odor-removing products are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Whether sprayed or mopped and subsequently washed into the sea, the chemical will not harm human or marine life in any way. 

Complete Solution

Biocide Systems is all about providing lasting and measurable results within the shortest span of time. Our quality-assured odor-eliminating products are:

ü  Colorless

ü  Free from nasty chemicals

ü  Fast-acting and Highly Efficient

ü  Safe for use on all fabrics

ü  100% Safe for use

ü  Great for keeping fish lockers clean

ü  Great for Holding Tanks and Bilge

ü  Free from smells in winter storage


Reselling Value

For marine vehicles offered for sale, their inner smell is as important a selling factor as their condition and seaworthiness. If you’re selling or planning to sell your marine vehicle at a premium price, it’s always a good idea to spray, mop or apply a Biocide odor-removing solution on the outer and inner surface of the vehicle. Such an add-on can improve the selling price substantially.

Hassle-Free Cruising

With our products, you need not worry about the smell of smoke, charcoal, grill or fish in your boat. A little spray from Biocide can remove even the strongest of all smells. In the unfortunate event that anyone suffers from sea-sickness; a mop of Biocide odor-removing liquid will not only remove the vomit stain, but also remove the odor in a jiffy.

Money-back Guarantee

At Biocide Systems, we place quality above everything else. Our customized odor removers offer complete protection against mildew odors, fish odors, gasoline odors, smoke odors, bilge odors and all other boat-related odors. We offer a complete money-back guarantee on all our products. If the odor persists, we will issue a complete refund.

When packing for your next fishing or boating trip, do not leave anything up to chance. Persistent boat odors are not only irritating. They are also damaging to your health if you’re continually exposed.

To learn more about our spray and liquid odor removers, please feel free to contact us!



Easily and effectively remove all boat/yacht odors.
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Deodorize from stowed gear
No power required.
Eliminates Bilge odor, gasoline odor, fish odor, smoke odor, mildew odor and all other odors. Guaranteed!

In addition to keeping your boat clean and detailed, you want to stay on top of odors. Nothing is worse than getting out on the water and having the wind blow a horrible stink right at you.