Remove That Pesky Odor From Your RV with RV Shocker

Imagine driving cross-state with your family in a large Recreational Vehicle (RV), only to have your trip ruined by a pungent fish-like smell. Or, think of any of your loved one’s smoking habits and how sitting in a car with them is the most painful of all experiences. If you end up in any of these situations, then let Biocide Systems help you out!

We offer a range of economical, safe and eco-friendly odor removing products that help remove even the most stubborn of odors and smells from your vehicle. Our patent odor-removing formula reacts with the bad smell, breaks down its component molecules and provides a refreshing fragrance.

The RV Problem

Like all large motor-homes, an RV can be a blessing a disguise or a way to ruin your trip - depending on how well you handle it. Packing for a long road journey, many families forget to buy a few air fresheners and odor removing products for the RV along the way.

From the aroma of a well-cooked in-house meal to the nauseating smell of toilet clogs, there are a number of odors that will accumulate in your vehicle throughout your trip. In such cases, hanging a simple Christmas tree-shaped air freshener isn’t enough (especially if you have more than four people traveling).


The Biocide Solution


Biocide offers a range of products that will help you combat all sorts of odors in your RV. Odorless, biodegradable, made from natural ingredients, environmentally safe and colorless - our products are free from formaldehyde. They easily break up all odor molecules and provide a whiff of clean and slightly fragranced air.

Just a small spray of our patent solution is enough to remove all sorts of odors. This means that you need not empty the entire bottle to remove a troublesome smell. Avoid all embarrassing situations when answering a nature call. Simply mop the floor with our liquid solution or pour a small cup into your toilet before flushing!

Our odor-removing solutions are light and free from abrasives. After cleaning up, simply mop the floor, walls and roof with a small amount of Biocide odor removers to give your RV the perfect finishing touch. This not only provides a wonderful scent to your motor-home, it also keeps all insects and pests at bay.

For the most stubborn odors, try using our RV Shocker Quick Release. The nozzle requires a little pressure. The lesser you spray, the longer the fragrance lasts - saving up on your money. The odor remover works wonders for all sorts of smells including, but not limited to:

ü  Gasoline Odor

ü  Smoke Odor

ü  Pet Odor

ü  Vomit Odor

ü  Mold Odor

ü  Stowed Odor

ü  Fish Odor

ü  Cooking Odor

ü  Mildew Odor

ü  All other Odors


To take a whiff of our amazing odor-removing products and to check out our collection, please feel free to contact us! We’re offering a money-back guarantee on all our products.




For the ultimate in RV odor elimination safely, permanently and economically eliminate any and all recreational vehicle smells, including but not limited to:
Gasoline odor
Pet odor
Mold odor
Fish odor
Mildew odor
Smoke odor
Vomit odor
Stowed gear
Cooking odor
And more!

Guaranteed or your money back.
RV Shocker QUICK RELEASE for stubborn RV odors
No power required.
Ideal for use when pulling out of storage, while in use and when storing.