Remove Odor from Vehicle Containers and Commercial Trucks

Large trucks and containers are always prone to strong odors and foul smells. Whether the container carries perishable goods in refrigeration, coal, timber, chemicals or any volatile liquids, the contents are bound to leave their scent. Through diffusion, the heavy and pungent smell is likely to seep into the truck. Prolonged exposure to such smells can be harmful, not only for the truck driver, but also for the environment.

Biocide System offers an affordable and easy-to-use odor removing solution that soaks up all pungent smells from your trucks, containers and vehicles. Unlike traditional air fresheners, our patent Liquid Shocker is 99.999999% effective and can remove even the toughest of odors from your standard container in less than 2 minutes.

How it Works?

All Biocide System’s odor removing products for trucks and containers are made from a combination of natural fragrance extracts and artificial enhancers. When sprayed on to the container surface, the pressure from the nozzle liquefies the gas content.

The liquefied molecules then bind with the odor-causing molecules and partially dissolve them in the process. This reduces the foul smell. Cyclodextrin (scent causing) molecules are then released into the container that provides a fresh and wonderful fragrance to the air.

What Smells does it hide?

The Liquid Shocker has been customized to deal with virtually all sorts of smells and scents. For any haulage, a pre-trip spray or mopping is enough to clear away all sorts of odors, from both the container and the truck. The liquid solution or spray bottle can be applied to deal with the following types of smells (the list is not exhaustive):

ü  Fish and Refrigerated Foods

ü  Synthetic Products

ü  Tinned Fodder

ü  Naphthalene Balls

ü  Ammonia-containing Chemicals

ü  Alcoholic Beverages

ü  Urea-containing Compounds

ü  Heavy Metal and Machinery Scent

ü  Coal and Timber

ü  Any other type of pungent smell



How to Apply?

Biocide System products come in both liquid solution and gaseous forms. If you’re using a liquid solution, simply pour the solution into a water bucket and gently apply it on your truck and container surface with a mop. Make sure to clean every corner. For spray bottles, you need to spray thoroughly in the truck and container and leave all doors and windows open for fresh air to ventilate it.

Why Choose Biocide Systems?

At Biocide Systems, we offer 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with our product or if it does not take away the odor, we will issue a refund! Our commitment to quality and compliance with environmental regulations, make our product safe to use and eco-friendly for all truck and container types. Our product offers:

ü  Instant results

ü  Wide-scale application

ü  Safety for the truck driver and any passengers

ü  Removal of the toughest of all odors

ü  Lasting relief for more than 72 hours

To learn more about our air fresheners and odor removers, please feel free to contact us!



Large truck cabins, trailers and containers are very prone to odors, especially when you on long hauls or if the items being transported have a smell. You don't have to accept unpleasant smells, when there is an easy solution (that is guaranteed) to remove those odors.
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