Chlorine Dioxide: The World's Best Odor Remover (and Why You've Never heard of It)

If you're like most of us, you've had to deal with a stubborn odor at some point or another. Maybe your dog (or worse, your house) got sprayed by a skunk, or maybe you bought a car with residual cigarette smell and just couldn't get rid of it. Maybe you're still dealing with the smell from last fall's fishing trip. Whatever odor it is, you've probably tried every odor remover known to man, with very limited success.
Chlorine Dioxide has been around a long time, and its ability as an odor eliminator has long been known (albeit not by the general public). Chlorine Dioxide is more effective than other types of odor removers because it actually permanently eliminates foul odors. The typical odor eliminator only deals with surface or airborne odors (and usually only by masking the odor), never really dealing with odors that have penetrated porous surfaces, the root cause of bad odors.
The way Chlorine Dioxide works is actually fairly simple. Chlorine Dioxide is a reactive gas that is able to penetrate porous surfaces eliminating odors deep within fabrics, drywall, wood or any porous surfaces. The resulting chemical reaction releases a chlorite ion, This ion further breaks down into a chloride ion. Both chlorite and chloride are harmless (and odorless), so using Chlorine Dioxide for odors doesnot even cause any harmful byproducts. In fact, used properly, it's safer than the typical over the counter odor remover.
Essentially, Chlorine Dioxide is an actual odor eliminator. It doesn't mask odors or perfume over them. It actually eliminated the odors wherever they may be, leaving odor neutral and safe byproducts.
So, why haven't you ever heard of Chlorine Dioxide (unless you're a chemist, of course)? Simply put, the main reason Chlorine Dioxide hasn't come into widespread use has to do with the difficulty in transporting and it's short shelf life once it is created. These factors have caused difficulties in finding efficient ways to distribute products which use Chlorine Dioxide. Because of that, you're not likely to find the products on store shelves anytime soon.
That doesn't mean that you can't find Chlorine Dioxide based odor removal products, though. They're available in a variety of formats, designed to deal with different types of organic odors ranging from skunk smell to urine smell to cigarette smoke and more. You will need to look online to order them, though.
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