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With Biocide Systems™ line of Bio-Shocker™ products you can eliminate the toughest odors in a way that no other product can. We guarantee it or your money back! The secret lies in the ClO2-DMG technology™ or ClO2 Disposable Micro Generator exclusively developed for Biocide Systems and the Bio-Shocker product line. This revolutionary technology now makes the most effective industrial odor eliminating tool known "Chlorine Dioxide" Also known as "ClO2", readily available, safe and affordable. Now everyone can benefit from the unparalleled odor eliminating super power of Chlorine Dioxide!

Easily and effectively eliminates organic and chemical odors caused by:

Cigarettes, Skunk,  Pet, Urine, Vomit, Spoiled food, Mold, Mildew, Gasoline, Paint, fish, fire, flooding , trash, sweat, cooking, sour milk, waste tank, bilge  and any other type of toxic odor you can think of.

Simple to use, just shake ad water and walk away! Not labor intensive.

Safe in all automotive and home interiors. On hard and soft surface.

Fast acting- Will eliminate odors in as little as 4 hours and a maximum of 24 hours depending on severity of the odor.

Non toxic Eco friendly 100% biodegradable, laves no harmful residue, no VOCs or Carcinogens.

Made in the USA!

Adrience Aroz Says
Ordered several canisters and used in our newly purchased home (house is 11 years old). Followed directions and had no problems at all - no stains (read the directions to avoid stains), mold killed, etc. It did take care of the small mold concern we had upstairs in a room, but we did all rooms and the downstairs just to be sure. Placed smelled great afterwards and aired out no problem.
Pammy Says
I bought this product direct from the Biocide Systems Company to help out my son who had moved into a 100+ year old apartment in the Historic district of Richmond, Virginia. College students were the primary renters prior to him and WHEW! did that place stink! Now since I understand that you can only expect so much from an odor eliminator if you haven't removed the sources of stink, I did thoroughly clean his apartment top to bottom. Despite this scrubbing the smell from the apartment and the second hand sofa were strong and gross.

Enter the room shocker.
We followed the directions, closing the drapes, etc. but fudged a small amount on the recommended sq foot since the apartment was a little larger than one shocker's worth but smaller than two.My son set off the shocker and left for work. When he came home the apartment smelled somewhat like an indoor swimming pool and made his eyes water a bit. But after airing out the apartment those two things dissipated....taking the stink with them!
Ed Walkime Says
My husband fixes used cars to sell and sometimes gets great cars with one huge short coming. AWFUL odors! Pets, mildew, workman cigarette armpit name it. This product is an instant income bonus! You set it off and you'd never know a pack of greasy golden's once called the car home! We will be purchasing plenty of these and recommending them to our friends. They work wonderfully and are a great price. I'd recommend it to everyone!


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