Liquid Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator

Biocide Systems clo2 liquid shocker

Liquid Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator

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Looking to deodorize the hard surfaces in your home? You’ve found the best product! Formulated especially for the deodorization of hard surfaces, ClO2 Liquid Shocker from Biocide Systems works on all organic and chemical odors.

Just one small container of our liquid deodorizer contains enough to generate up to 20 gallons of active chlorine dioxide! Use ClO2 Liquid Shocker to clean and deodorize countertops, walls, floors and more, with no dangerous residue. Safe for humans and pets, and guaranteed to work, or your money back.

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Manufacturer: Biocide Systems
Made in the USA. 100% Money Back Guarantee biocide systems guarantee card

More About ClO2 Liquid Shocker From Biocide Systems

Leverage the power of science and innovation with chlorine dioxide odor removal. ClO2 Liquid Shocker from Biocide Systems is designed specifically for hard surfaces, penetrating deeply to seek out all organic and chemical odors.

No More Musty Toys

Storing a boat, Seadoo or RV at the end of the season can mean many musty-smelling surfaces. But ClO2 Liquid Shocker deodorizes and refreshes with very little effort required. Just follow the instructions, activate, and all your toys will smell fresh and new for another season of fun!

Say Goodbye to Kitchen Odors

Unwanted odors in the kitchen after cooking? It’s no problem for ClO2 Liquid Shocker. Simply follow the enclosed instructions, and you will enjoy cleaner and fresher surfaces that are ready  for all of your culinary creations.

The Most Efficient Floor Deodorizer on the Market

Are tracked-in dirt and other items from humans and pets making your home smell worse over time, no matter how much you sweep, mop or vacuum? ClO2 Liquid Shocker to the rescue!

Whether you have hardwood, laminate, vinyl or other flooring, simply clean with Liquid Shocker, and say goodbye to nasty floor odors for good! Liquid Shocker will penetrate your floor surfaces without damage.

Clean Your Walls With Ease

Walls can absorb unwanted odors from various sources, rendering all your cleaning efforts ineffective. ClO2 Liquid Shocker effortlessly penetrates wall surfaces for guaranteed odor control, whenever you need it.

Why Choose Liquid Shocker for Odor Removal?

There are many reasons to choose the ClO2 Liquid Shocker. Not only does our ClO2 odor eliminator guarantee the removal of odor and its causes quickly, but our product is completely safe to use in homes with kids and pets.

With our safe and affordable chlorine dioxide odor eliminator, you never have to worry about unknown and possibly dangerous residues after cleaning. Once the chlorine dioxide has been exposed to oxygen, the only byproduct is a completely harmless saline solution.

And, because it is non-corrosive, Liquid Shocker will never damage any surface it’s applied to.

The ClO2 Liquid Shocker from Biocide Systems is the best choice for hard surface deodorization. Just follow the enclosed instructions, activate, and enjoy fresher and cleaner smelling surfaces, no matter where you apply it.

Every Biocide Systems chlorine dioxide odor eliminator product is guaranteed to work—or your money back!

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