5 Easy Tips to Remove Bad Odor

So you are a neat freak you say. You can be a neat freak all you want but that doesn’t guarantee you will be able to avoid those stinking smells that force you to hold your nose. Opening windows and exhaust fans won’t do much to help either when you are battling with the odor of cigarette smoke, pets, aftershave and perfumes, even bad food. Ready not to give in? The following tips and tricks should help you remove stench and odors from your rooms in your house!

1.     Bath-time for your trash cans

This is for cans both outside and inside of your homes, so take special note. Make sure you are using hot soapy water the next time you wash them so any smelly remains still clinging to it will come off.

Once dried, place right down at its bottom multiple (used) fabric softener sheets. This will absorb the unfortunate smell; yes, your trash actually won’t smell this time.

2.     Home remedies a-cookin’ for the lingering odors in kitchen

According to the EPA, the air inside homes is 2-100 times more polluted than outside; chemical fresheners, while common, aren’t exactly healthy. The grilled salmon smell for what you had for lunch, for one, can be fixed with boiling a mixture of baking soda, water, and lemon peel; burning all-natural soy candle would help prevent it in the first place.

If the offensive smell is from the fridge, eliminate it with a sachet of dry coffee grounds (and cloves) you can place it inside. Alternatively, use white vinegar to wipe the fridge walls. Counters and cutting boards can be scrubbed with a mixture of salt/baking soda and lemon juice; follow it up by rinsing and then applying mineral oil to the spot.

  1.      Deodorize the toilet

Used frequently, you can work with household vinegar and allow it to sit for 5 minutes at least before briskly scrubbing it and flushing it. On the other hand, a scrub made with baking soda, borax, and salt is useful too. A scented scrub is available with some drops of essential oil dabbed onto cotton balls.

  1.      Neutralize the musty basement

You would want to activate your dehumidifier; it would no longer be damp, but that isn’t going to get rid of the mildew smell. For that, you would need either inexpensive vodka or rubbing alcohol, mix it with some drops of tea-tree oil, and spray it on the musty items. Sounds too much of an effort? Opt to shelf activated charcoal; it will absorb moisture and deal with the smells too.

  1.      Overpower stale closets and carpeting

And if it were not embarrassing enough for you already, you have the wardrobe emitting these horrible smells too. Pet owners will have to fight the bacteria and urine off their plush carpets too. Go proactive- hang in a clean sock with dry coffee grounds in your closet, and proceed to give your carpet a baking soda treatment and thorough vacuum. For the bacteria, spray a disinfectant in between cleanings.

Biocide Systems as a One-for-All Solution

For an eco-friendly remedy to remove extreme bad odors from rooms in your house such as pets, spoiled food, body sweat, and mildew the best odor eliminator is the Bio-Shocker products. For further information on how to purchase and use these products, call 877-792-4624

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