Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle III

Home & Auto cleanup bundle deodorizer

Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle III

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Introducing the Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle III by Biocide Systems, an expertly crafted solution designed to target and eliminate the most stubborn odors from your vehicles and home. This bundle, featuring an enhanced focus on automotive freshness with 3 Auto Shocker™ units alongside 1 Room Shocker™, offers a specialized approach to odor elimination where it's needed most. Perfect for those who find their main odor challenges within their vehicles but still require powerful room odor neutralization, this bundle provides an effective and natural solution for maintaining pristine air quality.


  • 3 Auto Shocker™ units
  • 1 Room Shocker™
Manufacturer: Biocide Systems
Made in the USA. 100% Money Back Guarantee biocide systems guarantee card

Advanced Odor Elimination with Chlorine Dioxide

The cornerstone of our odor-eliminating prowess is chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a powerful oxidizing agent that directly targets and neutralizes odor molecules. This innovative approach ensures odors are not merely masked but completely destroyed, offering a clean and lasting freshness. Chlorine dioxide's unique properties allow it to penetrate deep into porous surfaces and tight spaces, eradicating odors at their source.

Auto Shocker™: Unmatched Vehicle Odor Removal

With 3 Auto Shocker™ units included, this bundle is heavily geared towards revitalizing your vehicle's interior. Auto Shocker™ works by releasing chlorine dioxide vapor into every corner of your vehicle, effectively reaching under-seat areas, deep into the carpet fibers, and throughout the air conditioning system to eliminate all traces of odors. Designed to work in all vehicle sizes, from compact cars to full-size SUVs, Auto Shocker™ guarantees thorough and residue-free cleanliness in just 2-24 hours.

Room Shocker™: Effective Home Odor Neutralization

Completing the bundle, our Room Shocker™ utilizes the same chlorine dioxide vapor technology to fill and treat spaces up to 400 sq. feet. Its fumigation-style application ensures that every inch of the room is reached, effectively eliminating household odors within 4-24 hours. Safe, non-toxic, and easy to use, Room Shocker™ is the perfect solution for keeping your living spaces as fresh and welcoming as your vehicle.

Why Opt for the Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle III

Choosing the Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle III translates to prioritizing efficiency and savings while tackling odors in both your vehicles and home. This bundle is designed for those who face more significant odor challenges in their vehicles, offering triple the vehicle treatment power without neglecting the need for home odor control. By purchasing these products together as a bundle, you benefit from significant cost savings compared to buying them individually, alongside enjoying the most effective, natural, and comprehensive approach to odor elimination available.

In essence, the Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle III from Biocide Systems stands as a testament to superior odor elimination technology. It represents an ideal choice for ensuring both your vehicles and living spaces remain free from unpleasant odors, embodying a fresh, clean environment. Embrace the ultimate in odor elimination and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a truly fresh and purified space.

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