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Detailed Information On Our Bio-Shocker ClO2 Odor Eliminators

Bio-Shocker is the best odor eliminator on the market. Here, we’ll demonstrate how our natural odor eliminator works at the molecular level and how easy it is to use. Available as a spray bottle or quick release container, Bio-Shocker can eliminate odors from rooms, vehicles, RVs, and boats, including extremely bad smells like skunk spray. Even litter box and pet odor smells are quickly eliminated.

Don’t settle for carbon filters, lemon juice, sodium bicarbonate, or air fresheners. They don’t work as thoroughly as chlorine dioxide (ClO2). The most stubborn food odors are no match for ClO2. Continue watching to learn the science behind Bio-Shocker and how easy it is to activate the product.


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How to Activate Our Bio-Shocker ClO2 Odor Eliminators

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