Home Cleanup Bundle 4-Pack

home deodorizer bundle 4 pack

Home Cleanup Bundle 4-Pack

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Great savings on Room Shocker home odor eliminator! Get a $20 discount on a 4-pack which covers 1600sqft.

This revolutionary odor eliminator for homes works like a fumigation bomb, effectively reaching places other products can’t. It literally seeks out the odor-causing molecules like a smart bomb and will permeate walls, curtains, mattresses, floors, ceilings, cushions, rugs, and all nooks and crannies where odors get trapped. Room Shocker ClO2 odor eliminator changes the molecules that cause bad smells and completely eliminates severe odors, guaranteed.

Unlike room air fresheners that use masking agents to cover up offensive odors with perfumes and fragrance, each room odor remover bomb in this 4-pack will eliminate odor-causing molecules in a room or enclosed space up to 600 square feet. Room Shocker might be the only odor neutralizer for your house that can get rid of strong odors caused by animals, smoking, mildew, cooking, or decay.

Why do homeowners choose Biocide’s Home Cleanup Bundle?

  • Save money on the best odor eliminator for a home with multiple rooms
  • Fast and effective room smell eliminator that works in 4-24 hours
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment when used according to package instructions
  • Word of mouth and positive customer reviews for our ClO2 vehicle, RV, and house odor eliminators

Order a money-saving Home Cleanup Bundle of Room Shocker odor eliminator now or read a description below of the science behind ClO2 and complete directions on how to eliminate odors from your home, cabin, or apartment with our eco-friendly Room Shocker odor eliminator for homes.

Manufacturer: Biocide Systems
Made in the USA. 100% Money Back Guarantee biocide systems guarantee card

The Home Cleanup Bundle 4-pack of Room Shocker from Biocide Systems is the perfect odor eliminator for homes with many rooms or that sit vacant for part of the year. Each of the 4 treatments included in the bundle will release chlorine dioxide gas when activated, which will penetrate into fabrics, carpets, and even opened closets, drawers, and cabinets.

This ClO2 odor-eliminating gas interacts with odor-causing molecules at the molecular level, destroying the source of the smell and leaving behind a light chlorine scent similar to a swimming pool. Airing out the room after treatment will dissipate this scent of cleaning and leave your room stink free without heavy perfumes or clinging oils on surfaces.

Room Shocker is not just a home odor eliminator but is loved by real estate agents, owners of rental properties, and apartment building managers as the best odor eliminator for home and apartment rejuvenation before showings.

Eliminates the Worst Household Odors

No matter what offensive smell has invaded your home, Room Shocker with ClO2 is the right house odor eliminator with effective results in a single treatment. Some of the serious smells that Room Shocker can eliminate include:

  • Mildew and musty odors or “old house smell”
  • Pet odors including skunk smell
  • Strong cooking smells
  • Smells from spoiled food, vomit, urine, feces, decaying organic matter
  • Smells of smoking, including third-hand smoke (3HS), the tar smell that lingers

Room Shocker Directions

Always follow current package directions for activation and disposal of Room Shocker odor neutralizer for your house or apartment. This powerful ClO2 room smell eliminator activates with water.

  • Open the package and shake the pouch before placing the contents in the provided container
  • Place the open container on top of its lid in the center of the room, on a washable surface which is not carpet
  • Close the windows and open cupboards, closets, and drawers
  • Add one cup of warm tap water as directed to activate the ClO2 reaction
  • Leave the room and keep it closed for 4-24 hours, depending on the severity of the odors
  • Keep pets and people out of the room while the treatment is in progress
  • Dispose of the container in an outdoor waste container
  • Open windows and allow the room to air out completely, with a fan to direct air outside if needed
  • Enjoy a fresh and clean smelling home you will be proud to show off to your guests

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