Skunk 911 Rescue Kit

Skunk 911 Deodorizing rescue kit

Skunk 911 Rescue Kit

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The Skunk 911 Rescue Kit contains:

  • 1 doggiCLEEN™ Skunk Spray (100ml) - 2 part system
  • 1 Room Shocker™ Quick Release to treat carpets and walls
  • 1 Auto Shocker™ Quick Release for your car or truck, or to inside closed containers of clothing
  • 1 Liquid Shocker™ for surfaces 

This kit contains everything you need for pet, home, and car skunk emergencies! Have one on the shelf for your furry friends who run afoul of the foul stench of skunk, or order with rush shipping today to take care of your skunk smell problems tomorrow. The Biocide Systems skunk odor remover kit will take care of your pet’s odor problem and all the places they play.
Manufacturer: Biocide Systems
Made in the USA. 100% Money Back Guarantee biocide systems guarantee card

Our Skunk 911 Rescue Kit contains everything you need to eliminate the source of the skunk odor not only from your pet but from your home, car, clothes, and yard. This powerful skunk spray smell removal system does not just mask the smell, but uses chlorine dioxide (CIO2) to break down the molecules that cause skunk smell to completely eliminate the problem from your pet and your home.

Chlorine dioxide is used in hospitals and other settings for safe and effective removal of offensive odors in rooms, on fabrics, and in vehicles. A professional grade commercial skunk odor remover, it dissipates completely in gas form, leaving no toxic residue, and will not stain your dog red like tomato juice or bleach fabrics like peroxide or bleach solutions. We do not recommend using any solutions you mix yourself, because they may not be safe for your pet.

All other homemade de-skunking solutions intended to get rid of skunk odor either cover up the odor or attempt to wash the particles away, but almost all will fail to neutralize the smell and most are not suitable for car upholstery, carpets, or entire rooms. Bio-Shocker systems and surface treatments will not only eliminate skunk odor but tackle other pet smells, including housebreaking accidents, musky dog odor, cat box smells, and the scent of the dead thing your lovable pet might have rolled in.

What Causes Skunk Smell?

Skunk smell comes from the oily substance sprayed by the creature, which easily rubs off of your dog onto your clothing, your car, your home carpets, and furniture. Unless you treat all sources of the odor, it will linger for a very long time and may even reassert itself on damp days. The powerful and natural force of chlorine dioxide gets rid of skunk smell by changing the molecular structure of the skunk oil particles to remove the odor once and for all.

The Skunk 911 Rescue Kit covers all these bases with 4 separate products designed to treat all aspects of this odoriferous disaster.

  • ● 1 doggiClEEN™ Skunk Spray (100ml) - 2 part system
  • ● 1 Room Shocker™ Quick Release
  • ● 1 Auto Shocker™ Quick Release
  • ● 1 Liquid Shocker™ for surfaces

We offer fast shipping for skunk emergencies, and many pet owners are delighted when they keep our skunk odor remover on hand and ready when the worst happens. The Biocide Systems skunk smell removal kit is safe when used according to instructions and is highly effective at removing the smell of skunk. It even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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