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*Results may vary based on customer use.

*Results may vary based on customer use.

*Results may vary based on customer use.

*Results may vary based on customer use.

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"I have to thank you for your Room Shocker product.

My husband and I found the home of our dreams about 10 months ago. I was so sad when I walked into the home and smelled a horrible cigarette odor everywhere.

We are not smokers and I am very sensitive to the smell. We almost didn't buy the home because of it. 

After doing a lot of research, I found your product. The testimonials convinced me that we could get the smell out. We bought two room shocker [4-pack] bundles.

I was amazed when we entered the home after 24 hours. The smell was gone. It's been over 10 months now and none of the smell has come back.

The smell of my home is one of the first impressions that a visitor gets and it's very important to me....because of your product, we were able to buy the home of our dreams."*



I am one of those people who say they don't write to companies often. And that is because most products don't warrant it. However, yours does. I used your room shocker to eliminate (after getting the carpet and duct work cleaned with no success) the smoke smell from the previous tenant. To this day, I open the door and smell nothing but clean, fresh air! Thanks you so much!*

Keith K.


I wanted to send a note thanking you for your product. I have a basement that gets wet on occasion, and hence will develop a musty odor.

One treatment with three of your room shocker canisters clears the air for months. As an organic chemist, I can appreciate the power of ClO2 and am amazed that your have a formulation that delivers it safely and effectively. I tell everyone with mold, mildew and cat odors to try your product.

Thanks again.*



I found the product to remove the dog smell from my car very well. I also just bought a used 5th Wheel RV that was smoked in. The RV dealer used some kind of "bomb" to remove the smoke odor, and it did work, however, the smell from the "bomb" although was a pleasant smell, it was overpowering pleasant smell. So I used the RV BioCide to remove the overpowering smell and now I have an RV that smells like nothing!!! Like the great outdoors air God gave us. Now that's a good smell.

I gave them a 3 on the price because I did find a lower price on Amazon after I purchased it from BioCideSystem.com

Also be aware of the fools who review this product that believe it will get rid of odors without removing the source first. For example the person who spilled milk on carpet, the milk soaked thru the carpet into the padding below and began molding in the pading. Stupid fool...you got to remove the carpet and padding first, then apply the BioCide. NOTHING will remove that type of odor without first removing the source.

I gave them a 3 on customer service I never had to contact them, so I figure a 3 to be neutral.

Overall it does what it's intended to do. I highly recommend it.*

Harold P


The Room Shocker worked amazingly well. My apartment finally feels like a home not a smoke den. It completely exceeded my expectations and I'm not embarrassed about inviting friends over.*



Everytime I called for instructions on using their product, I was greeted pleasantly. Each time I called the customer service rep was as nice as any I've ever talked to. The product was the best I've used and would highly recommend this product and company to anyone. *




I am happy to report that my Room Shocker order arrived as promised. Thank you for the prompt shipment.

I imagine my reaction upon opening the package is similar to many other customers: "I paid $25 each for a plastic cup and a packet?!"

And I was similarly skeptical when I followed the directions, and poured the seemingly useless amount of water in the cup and added the chemical packet.

Our house had been "hit" by a skunk (actually somewhere under the house we think), and the odor was noticeable everywhere throughout our 1400 square foot house.

We waited for a time when we would be out of the house for 24 hours, and upon returning, I unlocked the door with great trepidation, not sure if I would be overwhelmed with chemical fumes, or the all too familiar "eau de skunk".

What a pleasant surprise to smell ... absolutely nothing! Not only was the skunk odor completely eliminated throughout the house (I used only two cups), but the musty "old house" smell that we had before the skunk attack was gone as well!

I was even more amazed that the cups themselves had no overwhelming chemical smell remaining and capping them and disposing them was so easy.

I'm a believer! Great product, and fast delivery. Thank you very much!

FYI: I found you via a Google search on "skunk odor removal".*

-- Jim P.
San Jose, CA

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