5 Reasons You Don’t Want Smoke Smell in Your Car (Even if You Smoke!)

Is there anything more difficult than removing smoke smell from car? It clings to upholstery and weasels its way into the dashboard, making it almost impossible to eliminate smoke smell. Even if you smoke you still don’t want smoke smell in your car. Here are five reasons you should get rid of car smoke smell as soon as possible:

  • Thirdhand smoke can aggravate asthma and other breathing problems. The cigarette residue left in your car can increase asthma symptoms in yourself and other passengers. Removing smoke smell from car becomes especially important if you have young children with asthma or related conditions. Even if you don’t smoke around them, they may still be encountering the effects.
  • It can affect the lungs of unborn babies. Everyone is careful about not smoking around a pregnant woman, but did you realize car smoke smell residue can be just as damaging? Studies of car smoke smell from thirdhand smoke have shown toxins from leftover cigarette smoke can affect unborn babies – possibly even more than first- or secondhand smoke.
  • The elderly are especially susceptible to thirdhand smoke. If you routinely drive your grandparents around, you might want to eliminate smoke smell from your car with a product like Auto Shocker. Auto Shocker is great at removing smoke smell from car and getting rid of the nasty side effects it comes with.
  • It can make it harder to quit. When you try to quit smoking you need to restructure your whole life. You have to learn to enjoy activities without smoking, and riding in the car can be especially difficult. With Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker you can eliminate smoke smell and set you on your way to becoming 100% smoke free.
  • You may want to resell your car some day. A car smoke smell is a big turnoff for prospective buyers. In order to increase the value of your vehicle you should work on removing smoke smell from car with Auto Shocker Quick Release.

Auto Shocker works fast to remove offending car smoke smell quickly and efficiently. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by getting rid of thirdhand smoke, even if you still smoke. Check out Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker for stubborn smells inside the home.

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