Best Ways to Eliminate Smoke Smell in Your Car

So you want to sell your car or trade in on for something shiny and new. The problem is, you’ve been smoking in your current car since you’ve had it, and it smells kind of like an ashtray. If you’re like most people, you’ll suck it up and trade your car in for less than it’s worth. Fortunately, you’re smarter than most people and realize that removing smoke smell from car isn’t as hard as it sounds.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Most of the air fresheners on the market today don’t remove smoke odor from car. They’re not designed to. At best, they mask smoke odors. We have something that can completely remove smoke odor from car interiors: Auto Shocker.

When you need to remove smoke odor from car, simply follow the instructions and apply Auto Shocker. Close up the windows, and leave Auto Shocker to do the real work. Removing smoke smell from car is a snap when you have the right product for the job. Auto Shocker can remove smoke odor from car, leaving your car completely odor free.

Your car won’t smell like new. It’ll smell better than new. The active ingredient in Auto Shocker kills all kinds of odors, not just smoke odors. The reaction that takes place releases harmless (and odorless) ions into the air while completely neutralizing cigarette and other odors in your car.

Removing smoke smell from car has never been easier. It only takes one application, and the job is done.

Auto dealers and detailers love Auto Shocker, too. Biocide Systems offers discounts for bulk orders, allowing you to remove smoke odor from cars on your lot so you can move them faster and for more money.

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