Cats Can Be Finicky; When it Comes to Cat Odor, So Are You

Cat lovers are a special breed.  With new cat litter and litter box technology, the constant battle against litter box smell is a lot easier.  Plus cat lovers know all the secrets for hiding cat odors.  They have the best vacuums, room sprays and candles to keep theirs and their cat’s home smelling fresh.  But if you are simply covering up the odor, is it really fresh?  Why would you cover up that kitty smell when removing pet odor completely is just a click away?

Biocide Systems do not simply cover up smells and odors, they eliminate them completely.  Using their cat friendly, people friendly solution, the chloride dioxide is the “purrfect” choice for cat pee odor removal.  ClO2-DMG™ will not only remove that litter box smell, but it is safe for your home, plants, furniture, your family and most importantly, your cats.

Whether you have one feline friend or an entire feline family, Biocide Solutions is the only product you will need for removing pet odor.  Available in a quick release formula or a thirty day release system, Biocide Systems will make people question if you have cats at all.

Even the best cats sometime have their accidents, but nobody ever needs to know.  Biocide Systems’ Room Shockers are the best and only solution for cat pee odor removal.  The chloride dioxide captures and eliminates odors, removing pet odor completely instead of just covering up the smell.  That way all that anyone needs to know is that you cat is “purrfect.”

You will save money too.  Biocide Systems has the complete solution for removing any odor that may occur in your home or vehicle.  It leaves nothing behind but a safe eco-friendly saltwater solution.  All smells are gone and the only reason you need candles is to set the mood.  Certainly there is a cat lover Mr. or Mrs. Right, right?  You love your cats!  Biocide Systems allow you to enjoy that love with no regrets.  Visit

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