Delicious Food, Unfortunate Smell: How to Get Rid of Cooking Odors

There’s nothing quite as good as a home cooked meal. Everything tastes better when you put a little extra work in to it, and it also saves you money and is usually healthier than high-calorie restaurant fare. The only bad thing about cooking at home is the odors left over. It can be difficult to remove cooking odors such as onion and garlic, particularly when you cook at home a lot. You need a house odor remover such as Room Shocker to get the job done right.

There are many suggestions found on the internet to eliminate cooking odors, including rubbing a lemon over countertops and leaving out a bowl of vinegar. However, who wants to rub a lemon all over everything every time they decide to cook a steak? The fact of the matter is these remedies don’t actually remove cooking odors, but rather just cover them up. Biocide Systems’ house odor remover Room Shocker eliminates odors completely through the use of chlorine dioxide.

Rather than covering them up with more odors, eliminate cooking odors once and for all with Room Shocker. All you need to do to remove cooking odors from your kitchen is activate the chlorine dioxide in water, seal up the room and allow it to work its magic. While you carry on with your day, our house odor remover is working hard to eliminate cooking odors faster than it takes to fry an egg.

Well, it actually takes a little longer than that, but not much! In less than 24 hours you’ll be completely rid of all cooking smells, including pervasive ones such as curry! It has never been easier or simpler to remove cooking odors than it is with Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker. Room Shocker is a great thing to pick up and keep around the home for anytime you encounter a bad smell which simply can’t be eradicated by airing out the house.

Now you can remove cooking odors, smoking odors and even cat urine odors when you use Biocide Systems house odor removers. BioShock your home this year during spring cleaning and revel in the fresh results!

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