Deodorize a Room Using Room Shocker

Ever walked into a room full of foul smells? Forget that; ever been embarrassed by having a hot date over complaining of a wretched smell you cannot even pinpoint? Question is, how do you get rid of a smell you have a problem finding where the stinky smell is coming from? Room fresheners may do the trick for a while, but then what? Can the room be certified clean and hygienic?

Even you know, deep down, that the air freshening product you just used was not only inappropriate but also ineffective. Right? The only reason you used it was accessibility and ease of using it, right?

So what if you were told of a product, which is (a) safe to use around pets, plants, and humans alike; (b) easy to use given it doesn’t require special hazard-safety equipment or complex methods; and (c) effective to the point that it eliminates odors quickly too? This is Biocide System’s Room Shocker.

It is not just our habits and activities that encourage these smells; pets and wild animals like skunks making their way indoors can leave quite a pungent odor as well. The Room Shocker can help, especially if you opt for bundle specials like Home Cleanup or the Apartment Managers that will also prove to be economical. And if you have identified an object or a place that has been vomited upon or been on the wrong end of a food spill, the Room Shocker sees that getting rid of the object in hopes of getting rid of the smell isn’t the only option you have left. It is so strong that even the revolting litter box smell or the burned-down odor, can be dealt with efficiently.

Office or Home, Use Room Shocker to Deodorize

It can be risky letting the stench go untreated, more so when you are considering it in your ‘new’ office space or in your recently vacated rental. A little time and effort on your part can go a long way to get rid of it.

  1.       Ventilate the room. Take the smelly items outside too, if possible.
  2.       Clean the space including vacuuming; washing thoroughly the hard surfaces, and soft furnishings; and changing filters to any heating/air conditioning system you think are affected.

Since a clean room shouldn’t necessarily be equated with odor-less spaces, hence whether as a precaution or a management service, proceed to use the Room Shocker solution. It basically uses Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), an oxidizing agent that the Biocide Systems have made available for such small-scale use in the form of single-use high-tech packet, to disinfect your room and neutralize the smell without leaving any sort of harmful residue behind.

All you need to do is to place the packet of ingredients into the disposable plastic cup that is filled 1/4th with warm tap water, leave and close the room, and let it emit the vapor (thus the deep penetration) and tear apart the odor molecules. Following it, you may need to ventilate the room again before it is ready for your guests.

Contact now at 877-792-4624 to get this unparalleled new technology to eliminate any odors.

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