Do Your New Wheels Smell Like an Ashtray? Here’s How to Fix It

It’s great when you can find a used car for a good price these days. No matter the year, a used car is always new to you! Unfortunately, used cars do come with a little baggage, and part of that are the odors left behind from the last owner. It can seem almost impossible to remove smoke odor from car, but we assure you it’s completely doable.

In order to remove smoke smells completely and permanently, all you need is a smoke odor removal product like Biocide’s Auto Shocker. With Auto Shocker Quick Release you can remove smoke odor from car without having to tear out the upholstery. When it comes to a smoke odor removal product for your wheels, you can’t go wrong with our Auto Shocker.

Auto Shocker Quick Release uses chlorine dioxide, a powerful smoke odor removal chemical which can actually remove smoke smells completely as opposed to just covering them up. To use, all you need to do is:

  • Clean debris from your car.
  • Seal up your car.
  • Activate the chlorine dioxide using the instructions provided.
  • After the product is finished working, ventilate your car to get rid of any residual chlorine smell.

It’s really that easy to remove smoke odor from car! There are many products on the market today which claim to remove smoke smells, but all they’re doing is using perfumes to mask them. It’s important to remove smoke odor from car because residual smoke odor is actually dangerous – it’s called thirdhand smoke, and many scientists say it still has damaging and cancer-causing properties.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm with a smoke odor removal product like Biocide’s Auto Shocker. You can use Auto Shocker Quick Release as often as you like, so be sure to grab a couple packets for when you need to get rid of any additional smells, cigarette smoke or not. Don’t let your newly purchased vehicle smell like an ashtray – remove smoke smells safely and efficiently with Auto Shocker.

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