Don’t Get Rid of the Pets, Just Get Rid of the Smell

Pets are such a joy to have in the home. No matter what they are, people have pets for company, companionship and for something to care for. They give us a sense of purpose in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, sometimes they can smell pretty bad! Most animals can get a little funky at times, but dogs and cats are often the main culprits. Don’t think you need to get rid of your furry friends, though. All you need is a heavy duty pet odor eliminator from Biocide.

Biocide Systems specializes in removing pet odor of the foulest types. We have a pet odor remover which works for:

  • Wet dog smell
  • Cat urine
  • Skunk
  • General animal smells

When it comes to removing pet odor, cat urine can be one of the worst. You may have heard bleach or vinegar is a good pet odor eliminator for cat urine, but if you’ve ever tried these methods you know it’s not true. Instead, try a pet odor remover like ClO2 Liquid Shocker. This pet odor eliminator can be used directly on the carpet to soak up pungent cat urine odors.

After getting rid of the smell in the carpet, get rid of it in the air with Biocide’s Room Shocker Quick Release. This is great for not only removing pet odor but also freshening the air in general. Room Shocker Quick Release takes about a day to work, during which you simply let it be while going about your business – no more constant use of scrubs, sprays or candles!

Biocide also has solutions for removing pet odor such as skunk smell. Pets sprayed by a skunk can be an annoyance to everyone. Our pet odor remover DoggiCleen Skunk Spray completely eliminates the smell with no residual odors left over. After DoggiCleen, use Room Shocker for a complete pet odor eliminator system. You’ll be thrilled with how easy removing pet odor is with Biocide products.

No matter your odor problem, Biocide has a solution. From pet odor remover to getting rid of cigarette smoke smells, Biocide has what you need for a clean smelling home, car or boat.

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