Don’t Just Mask the Odor – Get Rid Of It

These days, there are all sorts of supposed solutions for removing house odors. Some people swear by vinegar and baking soda, while others keep candles lit at all times and spray noxious air fresheners. Unfortunately, when it comes to odor removal, rooms like the kitchen and bathroom need something a lot stronger and more effective than a scented candle. If you want to actually get rid of odors in the home and not just cover them up, you need Room Shocker Quick Release and Room Shocker Time Release.

When it comes to odor removal, rooms can be quite difficult to air out. This is often because there are so many places for odors to hide – walls, carpet and furniture are just a few of the places smells lurk. Room Shocker products use a chemical called chlorine dioxide, which work at removing house odors completely. Unlike other products which claim to get rid of odors but only cover them up, Room Shocker actually eliminates the odors, leaving you with nothing but freshness.

For fast odor removal, rooms benefit greatly from Room Shocker Quick Release. Once you’ve eradicated the smell, you can use Room Shocker Time Release to keep everything smelling just as clean. The Time Release version contains a less potent packet of chlorine dioxide and is safe to use while you’re in the home. Room Shocker Time Release is great for removing house odors which occur on an everyday basis but aren’t strong enough to warrant the power of Quick Release.

You can get rid of odors which are really foul in less than 24 hours with Room Shocker Quick Release. Just activate the packet in water and let Room Shocker do all the work for you. Once it’s finished with its amazing odor removal, rooms can be aired out and are safe to use. Don’t use air fresheners which just don’t work effectively when it comes to removing house odors. Instead, get rid of odors altogether with Biocide’s Room Shocker products.

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