Don’t Let Cigarette Odor Keep Your New House From Becoming Your Dream Home

A lot goes into buying a new home.  You want to find the right neighborhood, in the right school district, a yard, a garden and to raise a family.  You want all of that with a mortgage payment that you can afford even if times get tight.  What happens if you find everything you want, but the previous owners were smokers?  The house is perfect and clean, but there is still a cigarette smell that won’t completely go away.

You mention the problem to the realtor and the price is lowered to make this home more appealing.  Certainly by airing out the house and a fresh coat of paint will overcome this small but important issue.  You buy the house.  Don’t leave anything to chance; choose Biocide Systems to remove cigarette smoke smell from your home.

Biocide Systems use a safe odor removal solution that will completely eliminate smoke odor.  Their patented delivery system releases a nontoxic chlorine dioxide vapor that will remove cigarette smoke smell and is safe for your family, pets, plants and furniture.  Once Biocide Systems do their work, you would never know that someone had ever smoked in your home.

Are you a smoker?  Don’t let cigarette smell in your home cost you one dollar when you put your house up for sale.  Visit and discover how the ClO2-DMG™ will eliminate smoke odor and leave your home smelling like a newly built house.  Biocide Systems are the only true solution to remove any odors from your home, garage, pets or vehicles.

This means even if you do not have to remove cigarette smoke smell, Biocide Systems are your best and only choice to eliminate odors from your home.  There is not residue or lingering odor that will harm people, pets or plants.  With Biocide Systems, you are actually removing the odor and not replacing it with a fragrance or perfume.  Biocide Systems will eliminate smoke odor, or any odor that you need to remove from your home.

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