Easy Odor Removal for Rental Property and Apartment Managers

The worst part of being an apartment manager is cleaning up after someone moves out. Cigarette smoke and pet odors can prove to be difficult or even impossible to eliminate without all new furniture, carpet, and maybe a fresh coat of paint. Not to mention, you will be doing a lot of scrubbing.

When pets are in the house you have to deal with the smell of the pets, but you also have to deal with the smell of pet urine which is one of the most difficult things to get rid of. Pet urine has a unique make up that keeps it from being cleaned as easily as other liquids. Even when you can’t see it, you can still smell it. The other problem is that even if you can’t smell it, pets can.

Before going to extremes try using Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and completely remove odor from the home without having to remodel the whole house or apartment. Not only will Room Shocker make the room smell better, but it will eliminate the odor so you don’t have to worry about it coming back before your new tenants move in.

With the use of ClO2-DMG release technology, our products generate and release a non-toxic Chlorine Dioxide into any confined area. This release of the non-toxic Chlorine Dioxide vapor penetrates deeply into any porous material, eliminating all odors for good.

Biocide Systems has odor eliminators that can remove odor from a home, apartment, car, and even a dog’s kennel!  This is the perfect product for apartment managers and rental property owners. Biocide Systems’ products are even perfect for homeowners that smoke or own pets.

If you want to learn more about the eco-friendly odor eliminating products from Biocide, give us a call at 877-792-4624 today!

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