Eliminating Set-In Pet Odors from your Lake House

Are you tired of so-called odor removal products that promise to eliminate pet odors and leave your lake house smelling fresh and clean, but in reality just leave your home smelling like wet dog with a twist of lemon?  Pet odor removal has never been easy, and it’s especially difficult in a lake house.

Lake houses have a couple of things going against them when it comes to odor control. First, most of us shut out lake houses up for the winter, leaving whatever odor was already there to set in deep into upholstery and furniture. Secondly, for those of us who have pets, lake houses are close to the water. This means, among other things, that dogs have a tendency to get wet and pick up all sorts of odors. When you add in fish smell (especially if you live with fishermen) and shut the house up for months at a time, you have the perfect recipe for foul odor.

We don’t need to convince you that lake houses retain odor. Chances are, you’ve already discovered that. We also don’t need to tell you that most pet odor removal products don’t even touch the odor, much less remove it. So what can you do?

BioShock your lake house. Use Biocide Systems’ roomSHOCKER to eliminate all sorts of lake house odors. We’re not talking about spritzing air freshener to perfume over last year’s dog smell. We’re talking about pet odor removal. Biocide Systems’ roomSHOCKER uses chlorine dioxide to remove odors.  We are able to remove odors that normally linger in your furniture and carpeting, leaving your room with a pleasant, neutral odor.

Don’t spray air freshener all over your lake house. You know all too well that doing that doesn’t really eliminate the odor. For a real pet odor remover, use roomSHOCKER from Biocide Systems.

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