Enjoy Your Dog but Not the Wet Dog Smell?

Your dog has returned from an impromptu romp around the neighborhood and has evidently been snuggling with a skunk…or is that the smell of a long-dead raccoon? Luckily you caught him before he attempted to rub himself clean on the couch, which is not an effective dog odor remover, and put him in the bathtub. After repeated shampooing and vigorous scrubbing, your best friend has now regained his position as a member of the family and is free to roam the house at will. But what is that smell? You may have thought that the solution to get rid of pet odor was a warm, soapy bath but now the lingering smell of whatever your dog rolled in has mingled with that awful wet dog smell to make your living room smell like a musty home for decaying animals. Is there a dog odor remover system that actually works to get rid of pet odor of this magnitude?

Amazingly enough, Biocide Systems offers a solution to this particular problem with the room Shocker line of products. The chlorine dioxide solution that is released will penetrate all porous surfaces, from wood to fabric, and kills all odor. This is not another product that masks or perfumes the room so that the odor returns within a couple of days. The potent chlorine dioxide gas eliminates the odor for permanent relief from the stench.

Do not panic, however, because this is a perfectly safe application system that does not leave a disinfectant odor behind to advertise the fact that your dog has a nasty habit of rolling in rotting carcasses. The room Shocker uses oxygen to break up the odor and the chlorine dioxide vapors are safe for both children and pets.

You can get rid of pet odor with painstaking cleaning and airing of fabrics, carpets, and wall coverings and wait for the smell to return or you can follow the simple room Shocker directions, walk away, and return to an odor-free home.

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