Get Rid of that Musty Smell BEFORE You Store Your Boat

Summer is fading in the rearview mirror and winter is fast approaching. It’s just about time to get your boat up and out of the water for the winter. Before you store it, though, you’re going to want to deal with the odors it has accumulated over the year.

We’re sure you’ve taken good care of your boat. You might not even notice any odors yet. If you’ve owned boats for long, though, you know that you’ll notice them in the spring, even if the boat was relatively clean when you took it out of the water for the season. Some boat owners write it off as simply being boat smell. After all, it’s inevitable that boats pick up odors. They get wet (look for musty odors), we use them to go fishing in (not exactly a pleasant odor associated with that, right?

You don’t have to deal with a foul boat smell if you have the right odor removal product. Your boat can smell as good when you put it back in the water next spring as it did in the showroom before you bought it.

How? What kinds of odor removal products can do that? Biocide Systems’ Liquid Shocker and Marine Shocker can eliminate odors completely, giving your boat a fresh, odor neutral smell that will last.

The reason Biocide Systems’ products work so well and leave your boat smelling fresh for so long is that they eliminate odors on the molecular level. Organic odors (the overwhelming majority of marine odors) can be completely eliminated in one simple application.

If you own a house boat or yacht, you may consider using Room Shocker Quick Release as well, for the inner rooms of your vessel. Whichever products you use, they are simple to apply and give your boat a long lasting clean smell.

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