Getting Your Car Upholstery Clean and Odor Free for Summer

Cars are practically a breeding ground for odors. Whenever you get a bunch of bodies in a small confined space for significant periods of time, there’s going to be odor. Add to that the fact that many of us smoke in our cars (usually with the windows rolled up these days), we eat (and spill) in our cars, and that our pets sometimes ride in the cars, and you have a recipe for some really funky smells. We leave the windows rolled up 75% of the time, running heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, ensuring that the odors we produce stay put.

So, how do you go about getting rid of that odor? Is there an effective way of removing smoke smell from car? What about the myriad of other odors even nonsmokers deal with? How do we get those out of our cars?

To effectively remove odor from your car, you need an odor removal product that can find the source of the odors and eliminate them. Odors typically hide themselves in the upholstery and carpeting, making them tough for most products to eliminate. When trying to remove odor from your car, it’s important to use a product which can serve as a carpet odor eliminator, since that’s where most of the odor hides.

Most of the odors we deal with in our cars come from organic sources (burning tobacco, sweat, pieces of food dropped between the seats, etc.). Auto Shocker from Biocide Systems uses chlorine dioxide, a safe chemical which seeks out and bonds with the organic molecules which cause odor. When it bonds with them, the resulting reaction gives off odorless and harmless ions, making your car odor free.

Removing smoke smell from car, or any other organic odor, is easy. One application of Auto Shocker Quick Release is all it takes in most cases. Even the most stubborn odors-skunk odor, fish odor, cigarette smoke odor, body odor-are eliminated quickly and naturally. Auto Shocker is an effective auto carpet odor eliminator, too.

Do you want to get your car smelling fresh and clean for summer? BioShock it with Auto Shocker Quick Release today.

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