How to get the Odor out of Your Life after You’ve Kicked the Habit

So you’ve finally kicked the habit, and now you want to kick the odor out of your life, your home, your car? Biocide can help.

If you’ve managed the difficult undertaking of quitting smoking, congratulations! You’ve added years to your life and have drastically improved your health with this one important decision. Now that you’ve kicked this nasty habit, the last thing you want is to be reminded of it every day with a house and car which smell of cigarette smoke! You need a strong smoke smell eliminator to eliminate smoke smells in your home and vehicle thoroughly and easily.

Unfortunately, removing smoke smells from car and home has never been an easy task. Sometimes it seems like the only way to completely eliminate smoke smells is by tearing up upholstery, buying new furniture and meticulously washing walls and carpets. Most products which claim to be smoke smell eliminators are just strong air fresheners which fade after time and do absolutely nothing to actually get rid of the odors.

If you’re looking for a true smoke smell eliminator, something that actually gets rid of smoke smell rather than covering it up, you need Biocide’s Room Shocker and Auto Shocker products. Auto Shocker Quick Release is exactly what you need for removing smoke smells from cars, while Room Shocker Quick Release fully eliminates smoke smells in the home. Both are environmentally safe and can be used around pets and kids.

The Time Release version comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large, so finding the right fit for your car or home is easy. Both eliminate smoke smells through the use of chlorine dioxide, a deodorizer which oxidizes odor and eradicates it completely. You’ll never come across a better smoke smell eliminator for cars than Auto Shocker. Auto Shocker is great for removing smoke smells from cars more effectively than any product on the market today.

Removing smoke smells from cars and home doesn’t have to be incredibly challenging. All you need is a powerful smoke smell eliminator like Biocide’s Room Shocker or Auto Shocker Quick Release. In less than a day, you’ll totally eliminate smoke smells from any area. Give yourself a treat for managing to quit smoking and rid your home of smoke odors with Biocide smoke smell eliminators.

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