How to Upgrade the Smell of Your Victorian Remodel

The housing market is tough these days. One of the few bright spots for those who would dabble in real estate is the popularity of remodeled Victorian style homes. Unlike many of the homes being built today, Victorian era houses were built to last. This is attested to by the fact that so many of them are still around and in reasonably good (or at least reasonably restorable) shape.

Most people who deal with remodels already know how to take a Victorian home that’s in rough shape and get it looking right again. One problem common to Victorian era homes which remodelers have a tough time with is how to remove odor from rooms within the house.

What you may not realize while you’re walking through the home with a can of air freshener in each hand is that you are dealing with odors which are (at least in some cases) as old as the house itself. On top of that, you’re dealing with odors which are (again, at least in some cases) set in deep into places where you can’t reach to scrub them away (like inside the walls).

Most odor removal products won’t take care of the problem. Sure, you can mask the smell long enough to show the home, but most home buyers are savvy enough to know that the house only smells like potpourri because you sprayed air freshener all over the place. On top of that, many of them realize that the reason you use air freshener is because the home has odors you don’t want them to catch. This can affect what they offer for a house (or whether they offer anything at all).

Room Shocker Quick Release by Biocide Systems is designed to eliminate all kinds of organic odors. It can find and destroy odors in places where other odor removal products simply can’t. When you need to remove odor from room in your Victorian remodel, don’t waste your time with odor removal products that don’t really remove odors. BioShock the house with Room Shocker.

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