In the House or In the Car, Bio-Shock to Eliminate Smoke Odor

Life is tough for smokers these days. Long gone are the days when half of all adults smoked, and it was considered a normal part of the culture. While reducing the number of people who smoke may be good for our country’s health, it presents some real challenges for those who still do smoke. For one, friends, family members, and other visitors tend to be much more sensitive to the odors caused by smoking.

Removing smoke smell from your car or home isn’t as difficult as most people think it is. The problem is that the odor removal products available at department and grocery stores don’t really do the job. They mask odor, but they don’t really eliminate it. To remover odor from room or car, you need a product that deals with the odor on a molecular level. You need Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker and Room Shocker.

The Quick Release versions of Auto Shocker and Room Shocker are easy to use and effectively eliminate all organic odors in your home or car (i.e., they do a lot more than just removing smoke smell from car or your home). No organic odor is too tough. Biocide Systems’ products are tough enough to handle skunk odor, cigarette odor, musty odor, and more. When you Bio-Shock your home or car, you eliminate all odors, leaving yourself with a space that smells fresh and odor free.

There’s nothing wrong with air fresheners if you want to give your car or room a particular scent. There is something wrong if you’re trying to use them to eliminate odors. They simply can’t do it. It isn’t what they’re designed for.

Removing smoke smell from car or home requires an odor removal product that can deal with the smell on a molecular level. Because Biocide Systems’ products do just that, they can eliminate odors, no matter how deep they are set into upholstery, carpet, or furniture. Removing smoke smell rom car or home is easy when you Bio-Shock them.

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