Keep Guests Happy and Healthy with a Smoke Odor Eliminator

If you own or manage a hotel or motel, you’ve probably encountered some interesting smells in your time. When people are away from home they do all sorts of interesting things, and often all that’s left behind is a strange smell. One of the worst smells is cigarette smoke. It can seem impossible to remove smoke odors from room, but it can be done with Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker.

Room Shocker can eliminate smoke odors on contact rather than just masking them with fragrance. People don’t always follow the rules when they stay at a hotel, and many guest probably smoke in your non-smoking rooms. You don’t have to throw in the towel and turn it in to a smoking room now – just use a smoke odor remover such as Room Shocker to completely eliminate the smell.

Room Shocker is a smoke odor remover which uses chlorine dioxide and eliminates odors. You don’t need to clean the carpet, scrub the walls and buy new furniture to eliminate smoke odors – a smoke odor remover like Room Shocker saves you a lot of time and a ton of money. You can remove smoke odors from room without having to tear everything apart. Room Shocker gets in to everywhere smoke odor is hiding and removes it completely.

When you need to remove smoke odors from room, use Room Shocker to get rid of it in less than a day. If you need help with multiple rooms, check out our Apartment Manager 10-Pack. Great for hotel owners too, the Apartment Manager 10-Pack gives you 10 of our super strong, heavy duty Room Shockers at a 30% discount – it’s never been cheaper to eliminate smoke odors! Now you can get rid of smoke odors and leave behind nothing but a clean scent for your incoming guests.

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