Keeping Odor at Bay in the Kennel Business

Have you noticed that pet owners have become increasingly fussy about the way their pets are taken care of? To see some of them, you would think that they were leaving their kids with you. There’s two ways to look at this: As a problem, or as an opportunity. If you can run an outstanding kennel that sets the bar high for cleanliness, you can get a real leg up on the competition.

We don’t need to tell you how to clean up after animals. If you’re in the kennel business, you already know how to take care of pets and how to keep their areas clean. The problem most kennel operators run into is controlling the odors that come with running a kennel. Let’s face it, most pet odor removal products just don’t work, especially when you’re dealing with large numbers of pets.

If you have the right pet odor removal products, however, it’s easy to get rid of kennel odor. Try using Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker. When you Bio-Shock your kennels, you can remove all pet odors, usually with a single application.

Use Room Shocker for any indoor kennel areas where pets are kept. Room Shocker’s Quick Release formula works fast and knocks out kennel odor on the molecular level. You will, of course, want to remove the pets from the kennel while using Room Shocker. Use Liquid Shocker for outdoor areas, or to deal with small spots that are causing odor (such as a corner where dogs or cats have peed repeatedly).

Both Liquid Shocker and Room Shocker are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and humans. Both eliminate odor completely.

When you Bio-Shock your kennels regularly, your clients will be the first to notice how clean your kennels smell compared to other places they have left their pets. When that happens, word is sure to get out that yours are the best kennels in the area.

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